Leprechauns in DE

I guess the only person in this situation who might be considered a Leprechaun would be myself so really I should change the post title to “Leprechaun and 2 Gentlemen in DE” but somehow writing all of this out is easier than moving my hands from the keyboard to the touchpad then back to the keyboard then back to the touchpad to finish writing the rest of the post.

Excited yet? Me, too. ;)

As I mentioned in last week’s Thursday Latlies, Jerry and I hitched it down to Philadelphia to spend some QT with our Best Man, Jason (who actually lives much closer to Delaware than Philadelphia so that would help explain why we ended up in Wilmington).

Before that, we started the day with a Blueberry Breakfast Bake. Jason is always bugging me to bake him blueberry muffins so I thought this was a good compromise. I also made Peppermint Patties the night before. They were pretty decent but I shouldn’t have been drinking in the kitchen. :p Also, I don’t have any photos, I’m writing this mostly so I remember that I seriously need to stop trying to bake in other people’s kitchens – they just never have what you’re looking for.

Quickly after breakfast we headed out to Delaware! I think the only time I’ve previously been to Delaware was when we were driving through it on our way to our wedding. I really didn’t know what to expect but the riverfront sounded like it could be awesome.

I was not disappointed. The weather was gorgeous (we were even in danger of breaking a sweat once or twice) and the path is just long enough for a leisurely stroll. They even have 1/4 mile markers in case you’re moving with a purpose which we were not.

The scene was a bit…brown…but it’s just the very beginning of Spring so it was to be expected. There were some fun pops of color here and there, though. Plus the sky was the perfect shade of blue. For whatever reason, I was absolutely fascinated by the light posts with the “W”s on them (the cotton candy clouds didn’t hurt, either). I wish Rochester was this cute!

The length of the walk was pretty quiet. Only a few microbreweries with sizable crowds but no one was as rowdy as we were expecting being it was St. Patrick’s Day. At the end of the walk there was this little park/wild life preservation area that was pretty cool. It has all of these little stone orbs with peep holes in them. I’m told they’re some sort of shrine to Viking heritage but don’t quote me on that.

It’s sponsored or owned or represented by DuPont. Who knows. The building and end loop is cool and I’d bet this place is bumpin’ once it greens up in the Summer.

That’s where I finally got a group shot:

 Gotta love a self timer and no one around to steal your camera. :) After trekking back up 3 flights of stairs to the cross walk and stopping to take some pictures of random things that caught my eye, I met my new bestie.

He lives here:

I seriously wanted to take him home with me but I don’t think I’d be able to bring him in the house – he’s quite large.

Did someone say ice cream!?

It was near 70 that day so you know we all needed a little refreshing of the iced variety. I got Mango gelato and have no clue what anyone else got b/c I quickly ran outside to rub my face in it. How’s that visual for you?

Wilmington has some really great birdhouses. That’s right. Birdhouses. They’re pretty steller and LARGE. I totally didn’t see it coming. Actually, I didn’t see this coming either:

A groundhog?! Or a gofer?! Is it a beaver?! I was both excited and scared for my life to see this little ball of round. I even risked my camera and my left arm to get a shot through the gate.

Excuse me, little buddy, I think you’re lost. Immediately after my camera snapped this photo, he came running for me. I’m. Not. Kidding. I screamed like a little girl and ran as fast as I could for Jerry and Jason who had already given up on me. How this wasn’t exciting for them I have no idea.

We ventured over to this side of the river front…but quickly turned around. It was cover with bird pooh and homelessness.

It was bringing us down so we backed up the train and headed to Firestone Grille.

We sat by the bar to enjoy the view and b/c all the outdoor seats were taken but I think it was the better choice anyway.

I highly recommend the buffalo chicken pizza. Sooo goood.

That pretty much sums up our quick trip to Wilmington and since this post is verging on a novel, I’m gonna stop it here. What we did next just might blow your mind…if you’re a homes in movies kinda fan. (Hint: the movie may be based on a book about an adorable yellow lab). :)

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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