St. Patrick’s Day Continued…

Can you hardly stand it!? Do you know which movie home I went to?!

I was about to be the DD for the gentlemen so I made them take a pit stop first to here:

It’s the Marley & Me house! I did a little detective work and found the house 15 minutes from where we were staying in PA! I pulled the car over, jumped out and then Jerry took my picture from across the street…and then I booked it out of there.

I was so nervous (since someone was clearly home – note the car in the driveway) but that didn’t stop me from turning the Jeep around in the next driveway (of an even bigger beautiful home) and we did a drive by again…b/c I’m awesome.

And Jerry’s awesome. He took all of these photos. He even tried to take some when we drove by the second time (none of which came out). Jason was sitting in the back seat laughing his face off. He really couldn’t believe I was making them do this and Jerry was playing along. What can I say? We’re special people.

Through this entire excursion, I was singing every line I was trying to speak and I generally looked like this:

No worries, I am belted in. ;) Next was dinner and drinks at McKenzie’s.

I’m pretty sure he was still laughing at me when I took this photo. I was certainly still coming off of my high.

Pardon the crazy frizz. That happens when I run like an idiot away from a private residence that I’m photo bombing. :p

No trip would be complete without a way-home pit stop here:

Maybe I was still on my, “I can take a photo of anything I want anywhere I want” kick but Jerry wasn’t having it. I believe he muttered, “You are not going to – yup, you are..” while he walked away from me. Hahaha – he should know better by now that yes, yes, I always am. :)

That wraps up our trip to the Philadelphia/Wilmington area for St. Patrick’s Day! What did you guys do?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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