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Crazy Eddie

Has your ever been so that he jumps sideways on a hardwood floor and looses this: without one little yelp? Ew and ouch. Things like this are why we call him Crazy Eddie. That’s his official AMKC (American Mutt Kennel … Continue reading

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and another thing

I also managed to finish Eddie’s Garden: It’s nice looking back there and thinking I’ve completed this little garden…even when I haven’t. I’d like to add some climbing flowers to the lattice and chain link (the lattice was left over … Continue reading

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a letter to myself

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had this year. I was hired by a British production company to be a PA for the day while they worked on a documentary about the girls with tics from Leroy (serious … Continue reading

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miss penny pepper hosts miss montana

Having a dog who honestly loves the company of all other dogs is something extremely new and different for the Jer and me. Eddie was always very aggressive towards other canines (though he inexplicably loved cats and was impeccably gentle … Continue reading

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My Boys

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute – just sit right there – I’ll tell you how I became the Queen of a house full of … Continue reading

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A Very Boyle Christmas…and New Year

WARNING: Longest Post EVER. Continue at your own risk As you may have guessed, Jerry and I spent the week following Christmas in Ohio at his parents house. It. Was. Awesome. But first…it was Christmas at the McBoyle house aka … Continue reading

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2011: Year in Review

JANUARY Ice skating with Jason to ring in the New Year Our first ever trip to OBX and the Wedding Expo Mackenzie gets a castle birthday cake Cate sends me a case of Dried Pomegranate Seeds! Jerry shaves his beard … Continue reading

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Christmas Challenge: Week 1 – Make

So I mentioned previously that my Aunt sent me a Peanuts Advent calendar and instead of chocolates (b/c who really needs more sweets this time of year) it holds a little to-do list to get you in the holiday spirit. … Continue reading

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Rainy Day To Do List

It has been raining all day in Rochester so I thought I’d compile a list of what I love doing inside while it’s coming down outside. 1. Sleep Duh, who doesn’t love sleeping in on rainy days? That sound is … Continue reading

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She’s Crafty: But Needs Help

Gah! Wait. I need to back up. If you’re new here (which I’m guessing many of you are b/c I inexplicably had 50 hits by noon yesterday when I usually have 3 – what up, guys!?) I need you to … Continue reading

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