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Twin overload! This past weekend was the perfect mix of visiting and productivity. Sarah, my sister, braved the three hour trip with my favorite twins, Abigail and Emalyn, in tow. Then my Dad showed up the next morning. Hooray!!!

The entire weekend was one for the books. The weather was gorgeous during our beach outing (even Penny tagged along and made some new friends) and we snacked on brie (my new buy-it-for-every-event obsession) while the girls napped. A less than ideal trip to Red Robin ended happily with balloons until Granda dropped the baton (sorry, I’m fresh off of an Olympics kick) and Emalyn watched it fly into oblivion through tear filled eyes. You already know he made up for it with over a dozen balloons and an extended bed time that same night. I hope those two remember that night forever…something tells me they will.

Sunday was filled with thrift shopping where the girls made out better than anyone taking home a $5 art desk and 22 books. That is not a typo.

Big shout out goes to mi padre for hauling mulch and drywall for us while he was here – 2 projects in desperate need of completion that may never have gotten done without him (seriously, our breezeway has been without a ceiling for approximately 5 years). Thanks, Pops. :)

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miss penny pepper hosts miss montana

Having a dog who honestly loves the company of all other dogs is something extremely new and different for the Jer and me. Eddie was always very aggressive towards other canines (though he inexplicably loved cats and was impeccably gentle with babies and small children). So since we’ve adopted Penny, we’ve had to make a few adjustments to the way we approach dogs and their human counterparts – we attack them with love. After making sure all parties involved are okay with it, of course.

Miss Montana is staying with our neighbors for awhile and we invited her over to play after noticing our girls running the length of our shared fence for nearly half an hour one day. It was love at first sniff for these two (though M is increasingly interested in the felines taunting her from inside our patio door).

Also, please re-examine the 2nd photo. Yes, Penny is launching herself into the air from the ground using mostly her front paws. Our dog is an agility machine.

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sunday style: it’s my bag, baby

It was super easy to make, too. I found an image online as inspiration for the cat shape then sketched it and cut it from contact paper, pressed it down onto the bag (which was part of a 3-pack from Michael’s years ago) and painted it, cut the straps in half before adding 10 inches of leather (cut from a $6 bag of scraps, also from Michael’s), wrapped the sewn together pieces with a bit more leather using fabric glue, then added the “Q” and “R” for my little black fur balls.

I’d like to add some pyramid studs where the straps meet the main part of the bag but I can’t find them anywhere! Also, don’t be an idiot like me – I used a red sharpie to add the letters and, duh, it bled a little. Not a huge deal. You can’t really notice it until you’re up on it.

As with most things I do these days, I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest – a tote going for over $50:

All in all, took me an afternoon. I dig it…even if the cats don’t get how rad I think they are. ;)

PS Linking up, once again, to the Pinterest Challenge!

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uterine anomalies and the like

I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday and again want to thank everyone who reached out after I posted this lovely bit. I truly appreciate all of you. You make me a stronger person. :)

PS You can find the Quickie Extension Handle at Lowe’s for $5 (forget to mention that part of its awesomeness) but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online!

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Weekend Updates: July

The month is near over and we did a few things over the past 2 weekends that I’ve yet to post about so I’m clumping.

We went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now even though we’re not Mormon. It’s in nearby Palmyra, NY and I admittedly knew absolutely nothing about the religion. Why not attend a production of over 750 cast members and witness some serious light, water and fire effects to learn something new? I must say, those Mormons know how to put on a show and I’d recommend it for anyone even slightly interested in learning about the religion or seeing such an impressive production. (Also, I’m pretty sure Mormons are the happiest, prettiest, nicest people in America so you’re not at a loss). We packed a stellar picnic, too. Night = Success!

The Olympics! Yes, we celebrate dedicated athletes on strict diets and work out schedules with over eating – we’re American. We had a party to watch the opening ceremonies (we were all underwhelmed, Danny Boyle, we may have to revoke your Boyle card). I’m definitely an enthusiast, though, and watch every event and then think I could go out and do what I just saw. So what if I was doing handstands in my living room and in the breezeway between projects imagining I was on my way to the podium to collect my gold? So what if I went to the lake and told myself I could swim across it b/c I’m an elite athlete? So what if I think I could be the best rower the US has ever had even though I’m the same height as the coxswain? I could totally stuff a Brazilian volleyball player at 5’3″! This is normal! I’m convinced everyone does this. Don’t they?

Okay. Stop laughing at me. Jerry already did that for you. Happy Monday!

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moody with great contrast


The bottom right photo is the most true to color except the crazy blue floor. Don’t you just love the wood tones?! I could eat them up like the chocolaty goodness that they are. We aren’t near done, either – it turns out there is a lot more to do in the breezeway than I had anticipated in my list – but we’re getting there and I’m loving it (say it out loud, Mary)! In reality, the list should look something more like this:

  1. Paint the floor
  2. Sand the walls (whaaat?)
  3. Vacuum the walls
  4. Stain said walls
  5. Sand, stain and install “baseboard”
  6. Cut back the windows
  7. Make the area around the windows acceptable
  8. Install ceiling
  9. Paint ceiling
  10. Add trim to the doors
  11. Install ceiling fan
  12. Decorate

How did decorate become #12?! *sigh* I may never get there. Let the staining continue.

PS I am also in love with that photo of Jerry and Penny. We were discussing the room when she decided Jerry was okay – especially for lap sitting. See, she’s been kind of obsessed with me and could take or leave the Jer Bear (honestly, I don’t get it either). She still prefers me but at least he’s getting some good heart melting cuddle time, too. :)

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not very breezy

Didn’t even know we had a breezeway, did ya? That’s b/c I’ve kept it hidden from blogland and for rightful reasons (exhibit “A” shown above). It was actually way worse than this. This is after the 134 pairs of shoes junk got cleared out and the floor cleaned. That’s right. That floor is clean. I would still recommend a plate for eating.

So why am I showing you this monstrosity of a “room” now? Motivation, lovers. Motivation. Here’s what needs to happen:

  1. Paint the floor
  2. Sand the walls (whaaat?)
  3. Stain and varnish said walls
  4. Install ceiling
  5. Install ceiling fan
  6. Decorate

Number 6 is my favorite. I skipped to number 6 5 years ago when we first demo-ed this room. Clearly that was a great idea. Still, let’s go ahead and mentally cross off step 1 since I’ll be finishing step 2 tomorrow…or else.

PS Don’t you love the eerie green glow? So fitting of the breezeway.

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…needless to say, we shut the place down.

Also, no one got sick. Which is huge when you eat as much and spin as much as we did. ;)

*Pardon the low quality photos – some are Instas and all are iPhone.

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minor setback

Please pardon the delay in todays regularly scheduled programming where I tell you all about what an awesome time the Monroe County Fair was (I know, I’m so mean). We had a minor setback in the form of a play date battle wound – Miss Penny Pepper broke a nail.

Seriously. The girl knows how to play hard and she had to be put under and lost an entire paw nail in the process. We’re assisting her recovery (ie hovering over her and checking her pulse every .5 seconds and wondering why she has ceased to #1) and I will be sure to update when there is ever an update since I’m sure you want to know if that adorable flower the lovely ladies at our vet made for her is going to transfer to her new dressing as much as I do…in 2 days.

Pray her pain medication lasts as long as it needs to! Boyles don’t whine! (HA!)

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Excuse me while I over share…

So…I have a wall in my uterus. You can stop reading now and I won’t hold it against you – the fact that you’re leaving, not my uterus. That would be weird and uncomfortable for all parties involved. I simply need to get my feelings out there and move on today.

It goes a little something like this:

2006: Emily goes to ER for extreme abdominal pain. Is sent home with pain killers when a CT scan and an ultrasound turn up nothing.

2007-2010: The pain decreases so Emily deals with it but makes sure to whine to her gyno at every visit.

2011: Gyno signs Emily up for a transvaginal ultrasound (so sorry, folks, keeping it real today) and is a bit surprised when she finds an extra wall in there. That’s probably b/c you’ll find one in about 3% of women. Awesome.

2012: Emily is finally going to find out if that wall is due to a bicornuate uterus or a septated uterus (a quick visual of the differences can be found here). She is nervous.

Okay, now I’ll stop talking in the third person since it was annoying everyone including Emily me.

In 2 weeks I’m going to have a sonohysterogram. Double awesome. I’ve been reading up about it which I’m thinking now I shouldn’t have b/c I’ve gone from feeling like it’s something that needs to happen and I’m ready to take it on to it’s something that needs to happen and I want to cry about it. Like a lot. Lots of crying is definitely how I’m feeling I want to spend the next 2 weeks. That and curled under a rock shaking.

Also, I know I shouldn’t wish it to be either way so I’m not disappointed or whatever (as if you can be grateful about a malformation of any kind?) but I’m kind of hoping I have a bicornuate uterus b/c then we don’t have to spend any more dough on this little malformation of mine pre-babies. Plural b/c I do plan on having more than one someday and this will not stop me.

In my research, I’ve found some pretty great resources including this article and this support group and this blog. All have tons of information on the topic in case you’re still reading this. :\

Hopefully, next weeks discussions will be a little more uplifting. I do have a fantastic weekend planned! :)

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