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sunday style: braids like a swede

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sunday Style so here it is! I’ve been pulling off side braids for quite some time now so I thought I’d give this extended version a try using this pin as my inspiration. … Continue reading

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sunday style: it’s my bag, baby

It was super easy to make, too. I found an image online as inspiration for the cat shape then sketched it and cut it from contact paper, pressed it down onto the bag (which was part of a 3-pack from … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: The Short of It

It is definitely shorts season, no doubt about that, but I’ve never been the girl who trades in all of her jeans so quickly. I have a hard time finding shorts that fit well. They’re always either way to loose … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: MAJOR Sales!

On our recent trip to Ohio, where we met up with some super sweet dogs, we had some time to kill between meetings in and around Columbus. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to hit up a Victoria’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: Bracelets

Whenever I see a girl with an arm full of brightly colored bracelets, I can feel myself start to drool. Even when you’re wearing the most incredibly plain outfit, a small collection of fun on your arm goes a long … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: Bright Beginnings

I’m trying something new – Sunday Style – in an effort to make myself go out of my comfort zone (and through some of my pins if I’m being honest). It’s silly, I know, but I save a ton of … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

All of the searching I did for Halloween costumes ended in a near perfect costume for my Jer-Bear and absolutely nothing for me. You see, we were trying to go as these fools: We pulled together most of Jerry’s costume … Continue reading

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Summer Wardrobe: Killer Steals

I know I’m supposed to be updating you on the color of my skin but I had such an amazing day of steals that I absolutely have to share them with you! Let us begin! A few weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Anti-Clothes Horse

Lately I’ve been really lazy. Like, embarrassingly lazy. As in, “Please don’t enter my bedroom b/c there are stacks of clothes everywhere – some are dirty, some are clean, some are folded, some are bursting out of the clean clothes … Continue reading

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