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eddie’s garden

So. You know I haven’t been working in the breezeway so what has this unemployed girl been up to? Gettin’ dirty. The first shot is to show you approximately where this garden is – all the way in the back … Continue reading

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Pin Less, Do More

In an effort to pin less and do more, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen recently. Sadly, most of what I’ve been whipping up has been of the sweets variety but all things made (with the exception … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jer Bear!

I’m about to get all mushy on you here so feel free to skim the random Jerry photos if you’d like. ;) Words can not express how grateful I am for everything that happened in my life that lead me … Continue reading

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My Boys

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute – just sit right there – I’ll tell you how I became the Queen of a house full of … Continue reading

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Christmas Challenge: Week 2 – Cook

The cooking challenge is the hardest for me…I’m not really that good at it to begin with and then trying to make new stuff…ugh. Nevertheless, I am pushing through! This week’s new meal was Brown Sugar Chicken. The author’s daughter … Continue reading

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Christmas Challenge: Week 2 – Make

Starting it off with a make this week! Thanks, once again, to my Charlie Brown Advent Calendar! (Please note: I linked to the calendar to show you what I’m working with. I don’t want you to spend $50 on two … Continue reading

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Headed for the Woods

Last Saturday the Jer and I went on a hunting trip… …for a Christmas Tree. You almost believed that right? That we went hunting? Then you remembered I only eat chicken and fish and realized I totally fooled you. Anyway… … Continue reading

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She’s Crafty: But Needs Help

Gah! Wait. I need to back up. If you’re new here (which I’m guessing many of you are b/c I inexplicably had 50 hits by noon yesterday when I usually have 3 – what up, guys!?) I need you to … Continue reading

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5th Annual Cider Tasting

While we’re on the topic of the kitchen, Jer and I held our annual Rochester area Cider Tasting! DUNDUNduuuuun… This actually happened shortly after our return from the wedding. I’m just a little behind. We did have an audience, though: … Continue reading

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He’s Crafty: Han Solo

That’s right – he’s crafty. This has absolutely nothing to do with me and yes, it’s a week late. Sue me. (Please don’t). I tried to convince Jerry it would be best for his costume to use the little Western … Continue reading

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