she’s crafty: blinged out

At the beginning of August I picked up these:

I got each letter knob for .19 each or I spent a whopping $1 on all 5. However you look at it, it was a pretty sweet deal considering I like to monogram and put my name on everything. The Jer likes to, too. I asked.

Trouble was, I was in absolutely positively no need for 5 knobs or even for 5 coat hooks (we have 7 in the breezeway alone, peeps). So they sat around on the kitchen counter until Ray (one of our cats) decided they would make a great play toy and I was finding the letter ‘L’ in the bathroom. Clearly, he missed the Sesame Street episode teaching him ‘B’ is for bathroom. And, no, the cats are most definitely not allowed on the counter. These knobs were just too good to pass up, apparently. Worth every squirt from the water bottle? The world my never know.

Skip to a few days ago when I was helping Jerry cut some drywall in the garage when this caught my eye:

Random, 5′ short screen door? Check! (I actually have another one in green waiting to be played with). I had pulled it down from the attic above the garage months earlier not really having any idea what I would do with it but suddenly, what to do with the knobs hit me smack on the forehead.

After thoroughly cleaning the odd, short, old screen door, I had to drill 2 holes to make the knobs and door work together. My first drilled hole was straight through, front to back, a smidge smaller than the screw that came with the knob. The second hole was drilled from behind a smidge larger than the washer that went around the screw to keep everything nice and tight. It looked like this from behind:

In all of about 20 minutes, I had this:

Hooray! A place for my bling! Get it now? I still need to figure out a way to store my giant collection of bangles that doesn’t involve lifting 20 to get to the one I want on the bottom. I may add some upside down drawer pulls to stash some rings but I’m not sold on Quinn and Ray letting rings live in the open like that.

If you’re looking for me, try the jewelry store. I’ve decided I have a pretty sad collection here.

PS Don’t hate me because my wallpaper is more awesome than yours. Yes, we have lived here for 6 years and still haven’t renovated the master bedroom. Sigh…

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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