Excuse me while I over share…

So…I have a wall in my uterus. You can stop reading now and I won’t hold it against you – the fact that you’re leaving, not my uterus. That would be weird and uncomfortable for all parties involved. I simply need to get my feelings out there and move on today.

It goes a little something like this:

2006: Emily goes to ER for extreme abdominal pain. Is sent home with pain killers when a CT scan and an ultrasound turn up nothing.

2007-2010: The pain decreases so Emily deals with it but makes sure to whine to her gyno at every visit.

2011: Gyno signs Emily up for a transvaginal ultrasound (so sorry, folks, keeping it real today) and is a bit surprised when she finds an extra wall in there. That’s probably b/c you’ll find one in about 3% of women. Awesome.

2012: Emily is finally going to find out if that wall is due to a bicornuate uterus or a septated uterus (a quick visual of the differences can be found here). She is nervous.

Okay, now I’ll stop talking in the third person since it was annoying everyone including Emily me.

In 2 weeks I’m going to have a sonohysterogram. Double awesome. I’ve been reading up about it which I’m thinking now I shouldn’t have b/c I’ve gone from feeling like it’s something that needs to happen and I’m ready to take it on to it’s something that needs to happen and I want to cry about it. Like a lot. Lots of crying is definitely how I’m feeling I want to spend the next 2 weeks. That and curled under a rock shaking.

Also, I know I shouldn’t wish it to be either way so I’m not disappointed or whatever (as if you can be grateful about a malformation of any kind?) but I’m kind of hoping I have a bicornuate uterus b/c then we don’t have to spend any more dough on this little malformation of mine pre-babies. Plural b/c I do plan on having more than one someday and this will not stop me.

In my research, I’ve found some pretty great resources including this article and this support group and this blog. All have tons of information on the topic in case you’re still reading this. :\

Hopefully, next weeks discussions will be a little more uplifting. I do have a fantastic weekend planned! :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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8 Responses to Excuse me while I over share…

  1. Thinking of you Miss. Emily!

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Emily, if I have learned anything by going through all the operations, procedures, analysis’, guessing games, etc is that you don’t ever read up on the procedure they want you to have. Just put your trust in the fact that the people you are going to will know what they are doing, they focus in it. Then trust that the path your life is being taken down is the best route that was designed for you and not by you. And then finally drink a bit more than normal to make it to that date.

    We should talk in person. I have been where you are mentally. In fact circumstances could put me there now if I let them. Call me and let’s chat over a glass of wine. -Much love-

  3. Pete Jones says:

    Dear, sweet Emily,
    Be of good cheer, don’t jump to conclusions and don’t do any more research on your own, let Jerry censor.LOL
    As I see it, your main worries are made manifest in your mind at this time. Take a breath, take a sip, take a hug, take advantage of all your loving friends and wonderful husband…and see what the doctors’ simple test has to say before you give into any more thoughts to the “possible” outcome; don’t give up on hope before hope gives up on you and never give up on our God who loves us all. (Pray)
    I have read several testimonies of women who have a malformed uterus ( i.e. bicornuate) one in which no medical procedure was performed and yet they conceived and carried to full term, however, this is of course not always the case; there are success and failure rates to consider (BUT NOT AS A PRE-TEST CONCLUSION). On the other hand a medical procedure may be in order. I have also read up on the most recent medical course of action; not that bad! (Easy for me to say, right!)
    For example, One study has shown; for a woman with a Septate uterus; the overall rate of intra- and postoperative complications was 1.7% (23/1324) and the overall rate of re-hysteroscopy was 6% (79/1324). In women with septate uterus and a history of infertility, hysteroscopy septoplasty is a safe and effective procedure resulting in a pregnancy rate of 60% and a LBR (Live Birth Rate) of 45%.
    Another study has shown for a woman with a severe Bicornuate uterus; the fetal survival rate increased from 0% before surgery to 80% after the operation. No intraoperative and postoperative complications were observed as well as any uterine rupture and other intrapartum complications were noticed. Conventional transabdominal metroplasty seems to be a safe and efficient procedure in women with symmetric uterine anomalies. This study was of a severe case of bicornuate; yours may not be so serious or for that matter even need any surgical treatment at all. (Crossing the fingers…now!)
    Money, nonetheless, must also be one of those things you could worry about; again something to consider after your sonohysterogram! Also, you must think about the conception/carry rate of women with a normal uterus; it’s a miracle either way! (Obviously, if you had to pick one of the two malformations, it would be bicornuate).
    Metaphorically, I feel your pain. I hate the reality that someone is in distress.
    Anxiety is normal when faced with the unknown, especially about your own body. Worrying, however, is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.
    Miss Em, I know I have not earned the privilege of being a shoulder to cry on or even a worthy candidate for friendship but my home and heart is open to you and Jerry; you are great people! Please let us know how we can help, even if that means I shut the heck up about this… whatever it is!
    Mac and I love you guys and Penny! : }

    • Miss Em says:

      Peter Parker,

      I must admit that I did skim those statistics as your lady has asked me to stop it with the research (I think she’s my new life coach). However, your words are some of the most kind (and surprisingly mature – zing!) that anyone has offered me. I truly appreciate you taking the time to research my malformation and give me some serious positivity. I now understand how Mac continues to press through all of her medical “malformations” – you are certainly someone we are lucky to have in our lives and definitely one I consider a friend of mine, the Jer Bear and Miss Penny Pepper.

      Much Love,

      PS I love what you said about worrying though I’m afraid it’s a drug I can’t quit!

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