I’m not thrilled to admit that Jerry and I purchased a teeny pull out garbage can the year we moved into the house (2006cough) and never installed it. My reasoning would probably have something to do with the state of our kitchen cabinet interiors.

Try not to be jealous of the hardware and that awesome dishwasher. Also, just for your reference, these are the only cabinets in the entire kitchen that do not reveal a purple painted interior. Sexy.

Things got worse when I removed the half assed cabinet liner.

*shivers* So gross. It took an entire Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get all of that grossness out. The eraser was about the size of my fingernail when I was done. Of course, I also sprayed it with my all-time favorite Greenworks All Purpose Cleaner for good measure. I even scrubbed the shelf that has been in the “up” position since the day we moved in (first for our large bin of dog food, now for this):

I hate to break it to you but all of the cool kids are doing it…are you?

Four little screws later and our tiny garbage can was in business!

Not going to lie – we got the $10 worth we paid for and that’s about it. We tried replacing it twice now with more advanced garbage receptacles but this cabinet is only 18″ deep and most pull out models require 22″. GAH! If you find one, I am begging you to share the wealth of information. This one is just not cutting it but I refuse to go back to the trash can everyone ran into.

We’re also considering cutting the upper shelf in half so we get more storage space in the left cabinet but we may end up putting a new bin of dog food there for our new dog (that we get to take home on June 30th)! I may just have to rearrange all of the cabinets so I can get the recyclables in here and move all of the pet stuff somewhere else. We’ll see. As usual, though, I’ll keep you posted! :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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