Sunday Style: The Short of It

It is definitely shorts season, no doubt about that, but I’ve never been the girl who trades in all of her jeans so quickly. I have a hard time finding shorts that fit well. They’re always either way to loose giving me “droopy drawers” as Mom likes to call them or they’re strangling my thighs. Not cute.

I’d just about given up on adding any new shorts to my wardrobe this Summer until I came across these two DIY instructables (<– it is a word) and decided to give it a go on some old (non-stretch) pants that have seen better days (like the 90s when they were in style in all of their looseness). Instead of chalk (which I don’t own) I used a light blue colored pencil. Worked like a charm.

The cut offs were so simple it’s silly to even need instructions for them…but you do. Otherwise you’ll do this to one pair making them an inch shorter than you’re comfortable wearing in public:

…and they’ll be unwearable. Except for in the garden. B/c you can wear whatever you please while beautifying the Earth. In case you’re wondering, that is indeed Ray helping me turn my jeans into shorts.

If you’re lucky, you have two pairs of the same old jeans and won’t mess up on the second pair. They’ll be perfect. Seriously. You will never. take. them. off.

Ever. (I’m wearing them right now).

The other tutorial I followed with an old pair of too long dark brown khakis my sister handed me down. They came out super cute but the camp instructor look just isn’t my style…so I gave them to my mom. She was wearing an almost identical pair she bought from the store while she was here this weekend. :p

If only I hadn’t messed up on the first pair of jeans I’d have cool rolled up jean shorts, too! Blast.

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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