Plan ‘C’

I had a pretty ridiculous day in that I spent over half of it bored out of my mind but not wanting to do anything I could think of to do (which, trust me, is quite the list). I was just in a funk and there was no way around it…until my husband called with a great idea – homemade buffalo chicken pizza. YES.

I decided to one up him and suggested we go topless to the drive-in theater in Avon after we smothered our faces into that pizza. Once he realized I meant the car would be sans top, he was a bit weary that we’d make it in time. We made it in time…but so did the rain. So we turned around and went home. I may have made a bigger deal out of it than what I’m suggesting here – it was a serious bummer to not get to cuddle with the Jer Bear in the back of the Jeep for 5 hours while watching movies (not his favorite pastime). Plus, the trip to Avon is about 30 minutes. Ugh. Not cool, Mother Nature. On our way home, Jer continued to look behind us and reaffirm we made the right decision because, “Holy cow! It looks way worse down there already!”

Plan ‘B’ was to head over to our favorite ice cream parlor for some out of this world custard. We were like 95% sure they were open until 10PM on weekends (Friday starts the weekend, right?) so we go the top back on the Jeep just before it started raining. We ran inside for an outfit change and headed to the ice cream shop only to find out it was closed at 9:30PM. What?

This is where I may have thrown a slightly bigger temper tantrum than when we had to turn around at the movies since this was clearly a sign from above that tonight was going to SUCK and you should probably know not to mess with me and ice cream. Luckily, we had the mind to call ahead to Plan ‘C’ to ask if they’d be open when we got there. They were. Of course they didn’t have what I wanted to order but I settled b/c I refused to let the rest of the night be ruined by having to “settle” on one ice cream over another. Spoiled girl problems, here, folks!

We finished our treats in Jer’s car, which we rarely drive since we got the Jeep, and headed back home. This is where it got really fun: Boyle Dance Party in the Car! What made it better? The people in the car next to us catching it out of the corner of their eyes, doing a double take and smiling ear to ear when they realized what they were witnessing. Sweet, pure, freestylin’  dance moves.

Oh yes, it was a good night. :) And what did I learn from all of this? I have the best husband ever.

PS The dance party was all thanks to this song and I have no make-up on in that photo so take it easy.

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Plan ‘C’

  1. Cate says:

    What was the song? I clicked on the link but it didn’t work!

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