California: Day 2

I think I forgot to mention that this sunny California trip was a complete surprise for Sarah. She didn’t know about it until a week beforehand but everyone else did – including our Mom who really cannot keep a secret. So Cate and I were completely tickled that Sarah was so surprised.

Oh, and she cried. She cried when she found out. We have it on video and it is awesome.

Anywhoooo…Day 2 of or trip was focused mainly on the touristy biz. While taking our sweet time getting ready, Sam, Cate’s boyfriend, had enough time to whip up a delicious breakfast which was served outside. Oh, yeah.

I also took some time to watch some YouTube videos and taught myself how to do fishtail braid on Sarah. Verdict? We’re in lurve.

Our first stop was Kodak Theatre…um, I heard it’s not called that anymore but I’m a nostalgic person so we’re going with it.

Have I ever told you I love elephants? Well, I do. This guy and his twin were no exception.

On our way to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

…which Sarah was like, “Eh,” to and Cate and I have seen a couple times before, I spotted these guys:

*GASP!* I got so nervous and excited I threw my camera at Cate and begged her to go take a picture of them b/c I couldn’t muster up the guts to do it myself. She totally came through. :)

Sarah paused for a few pictures along the Walk of Fame mostly for Dan, her hubby, and her babies but we were more hungry than anything so we headed back into the shopping center. On our way around we paused for Sarah to ogle the Hollywood sign.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the scene:

Yeah, it’s a little underwhelming from this vantage point.

We ended up at the French Crepe Co.

Did I ever tell you I decided I was French when I was 12 and started calling myself Emma? True story. Here’s what we ate:

Clearly mine is the one smothered in chocolate and whipped cream and of course I did everything but lick the plate clean – I used my finger for that. ;) Sarah and Cate got the same crepe and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was but like I said, I was preoccupied. They liked theirs, too, but said it was a bit too heavy for our day filled with trekking. This is when it was decided we’d do some driving around the ‘hood.

I hung myself out of the window to get this picture for Sarah for Dan of the Viper Room:

…only to be told hours later that The Doors played at Whiskey a Go-Go which was directly in front of our car when I was dangling dangerously into oncoming traffic. It was her birthday so I would have done whatever she asked…and I did. :p

We did a drive by of the Beverly Hills Hotel

…before heading down some side streets to ooh and ahh at all of the awesome houses. This is my favorite out of the 20 or so I snapped:

If this is your house, I have one question for you: PLEASE gift it to me or leave it for me in you will? I would appreciate it and love it like the amazing house that it is. Thank you!

Finally, finally we made it to snobarLA! I had been waiting for this all. day. long.

It did not disappoint. I want a snobarROC. Can that happen? Oh, this stuff is so yummy. It’s creamy like ice cream but light like italian ice and it’s melts in your mouth like angels are singing your favorite song. When you ask for a sample, you kinda think they’re giving you a full size treat and when you notice a 12 oz is the smallest they sell and are thinking you want to share with your sister – DON’T.

Having to wait for one of them to take a breather was painful. I mean, look at this thing:

A rose has never tasted so sweet. Oh yeah, and Cate got honeydew. I’m salivating for these right now…holy cow, this post is long and I just spent an hour talking about sno. So worth it.

 After indulging in sno, we had to rush home to make our dinner reservations at Tokyo Delve’s Sushi Bar for Sarah’s first real sushi.

 We arrived a bit earlier than expected (no traffic thanks to an awesome app on Cate’s phone – holler!) so we took a quick walk to a nearby pub.

To say The Brickyard Pub was the coolest bar I’ve ever been to is not an overstatement. They only sell beer but they have so many options, you’re being picky if you can’t find one you like. Oh, and there’s shuffleboard.

Tons of seating (for when we’re not the only guests there), darts, beer pong tables and 8 pool tables. No. Big. Deal.

If I had a bar, it would pretty much look exactly like this…but I’d keep a bottle of gin and a few tonic waters behind the bar for my own consumption. ;)

We headed back over to Tokyo Delve and had the best sushi I’ve had since 2009 when I was in Seattle. Oh, sushi, you are awesome.

House-wide saki bombs are also encouraged. I’m not big on beer or saki but…when in Tokyo Delve…

Oh, right, in case you haven’t heard…there is a lot of dancing at Tokyo Delve. If it’s you’re birthday, you will be on a chair, in a hat and if you’re really dancing your face off, a waitress will come over and insist on helping you win the t-shirt that’s up for grabs.

Both ladies in the above photo are stone cold sober and rockin’ my socks off. Please note that as good sisters, Cate and I have full length videos of the dance off (oh yes, there were two rounds) and about a million and five photos. This is definitely NOT typical behavior for our Baby Mama. She impressed and shocked us all to tears of laughter and warm feelings in our hearts. We love Sarah and she always surprises us with the why’s. :)

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to California: Day 2

  1. Cate says:

    I just re-lived this whole day. Thank you. :)

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