Sunday Style: Bright Beginnings

I’m trying something new – Sunday Style – in an effort to make myself go out of my comfort zone (and through some of my pins if I’m being honest). It’s silly, I know, but I save a ton of inspiration photos for outfits, make up and different hair styles and it’s about time I start trying these things out.

I’m the first to admit I am not the biggest fashionista day to day but I have a lot of respect for the people who can style themselves on a daily basis and fashion has always interested me. I started designing clothes when I was 12 and did so until I decided I wanted to be a bone surgeon at the age of 17. My thoughtful Mom set me up with a subscription to W magazine when I was 13 which I would pour over and even study the advertisements (some of which were *gasp* nudes)! I even got accepted to FIT. For. Real.

So why am I so lazy with my routine? I recently came across this quote (pin) and could not agree more.

I’m not always going to use this segment for clothes and I may not even do it every Sunday but the point is for me to break out of my boring shell and into a more colorful and exciting one. :)

Today, it’s for clothes and has everything to do with the first picture on this post. I already told you I scored this skirt (no longer available in pink!) on this post after initially seeing it on Good Life for Less and while I love the inspiration photo, I needed a bit more coverage since it was a bit breezy here in Western NY when I wore this a couple of weeks ago.

First I tried out my pink maxi with a new chartreuse cardigan I picked up at Target (similar).

I was really digging it but Jerry quickly replied “Yes,” when I asked if it was a little too much for a baptism. :\ No go.

It was a bit breezy in the sun and I was wondering if a cardigan over a tank top would even be warm enough so I dug through my coat closet and pulled out my biker jacket (similar).

Um, nah…

I checked the forecast again and the weather was only supposed to get warmer so I reasoned a cardigan would be just fine. I began my search for something a bit more neutral and finally landed on this:

Was it the safest option? Yes. Was I most comfortable in it? Yes. Did it mean I was actually going to leave the house in a high-waisted hot pink maxi skirt? Yes. Was the only compliment I received from a 3 year-old girl in a pink dress who claimed pink was her favorite color before saying she liked my skirt? Yes. Does that equal a win? A million times, YES.

If I am dressing for anyone, clearly it’s the toddlers. ;)

So clearly I’m not the best poser. We’ll see how that progresses but I don’t have high hopes. I actually embarrassed to have posted these pictures at all so that equals another win in my book.

Special shout out goes to the hubs for helping a girl out and taking some photos by our awesomesauce hostas that are now even more awesomesauce than they were in those pictures. :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Sunday Style: Bright Beginnings

  1. Cate says:

    Love it! I liked the yellow too, but good choice to tone it down for that specific event. Love the last photo of just the skirt. Nice shot Jerry!!! You are beautiful, Em!

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