Caliornia: Day 1

I have some really fun things I’ve been working on around the house that I can’t wait to share (and some not so fun – painting trim will be the death of me). Even still, I need to tell you about my recent trip to California for Sarah’s birthday (for those of you that are new here, Sarah is my eldest sister)!

The trip began with an early flight out of Buffalo (hello saving $200 dollars). It was Sarah’s first flight in over 10 years! Whaaat?! Homebody, much, Sar-Bear?

We took some photos along the way to send to the wee ones (Abigail and Emalyn, Sarah’s 3 year-old twin daughters). Mostly of Sarah with planes.

The twins thought all planes were white but since we were flying Southwest, they got a big surprise. It’s crazy to imagine about what little brains think about different things…like the color of planes always being white. You know, really deep stuff. ;)

I also have to note (so that we remember the ridiculousness) the fact that I didn’t want anything to eat after reading every menu in the Chicago Midway food area except a tuna fish sandwhich…at 8:30AM. It’s what I wanted and it’s what I got but I was too busy scarfing it down to take a photo of it’s deliciousness.

We finally arrived in sunny LA around 11:00AM local time. I love traveling West b/c you get so much more time in your day! Granted, you’re exhausted from spending the day traveling…we’re still on the fence as to how much it’s worth it. To see this smiling face?

Totally worth it! Cate was an added bonus. ;)

I was so excited to be at Cate’s house that I only completed half of my photo tour! So here’s a shot of her awesome kitchen:

And her adorable cats:

We were so tired but even hungrier! We made the quick commute to try Pho!

Sarah decided this trip was going to be a list of firsts for her. She wouldn’t say no to anything – within reason of course. Pho (pronounced “Fuh?” – trust me, I asked the waitress), was a first for me, too, and oh, so delicious.

The servings were so huge you could barely tell someone even started when they were done.

The Thai Iced Tea…unbelievable. I could live off of that stuff. Why haven’t I found Pho and Thai Iced Tea in Rochester yet!? Doh! Anyone have any recommendations?

Holy cow, I love that photo. :) Sarah and Cate get tired of me taking pictures so they end up giving me faces like this one…and I end up putting them on the blog. ;)

After we digested a bit, Cate informed us there was a 3 floor Target she needed to swing by quick – excuse us? Did you just say 3 floor Target?

Indeed she did. Swing by quick? We did not.

We spent quite a bit of time there, Sarah and I scoping out hot deals for Cate (since we really weren’t in the mood to trek home with all-purpose cleaner for .87 a bottle. I did manage to pick up a few items from the clothing department (of course) and found some super adorable Paul Frank gardening gloves for Abigail and Emalyn.

After a wandering drive through Glendale (Cate’s stomping ground these days), it was clearly time for dinner. Another first?

In-N-Out Burger! Cate tried to explain to me the secret menu and honestly, listening to her order made my head spin but it was delicous – and I only had a “grilled cheese” (a regular cheese burger sans burger since, you know, I don’t eat beef). Soooooo good.

We called it a night after watching an episode of Locked Up Abroad (it was about 9:00PM Pacific). That show is intense! Seriously, though, how does smuggling drugs for a complete stranger ever sound like a good idea? 5K on top of a free trip is so not worth it. You’re ass is behind bars every time.

On that note! See you later for Day 2!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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