So it’s been a month. I’ve been 27 for a month and I’m just now getting a chance to document the happenings of the day that was my birthday. Let me begin by saying I had a blast. It wasn’t much of a surprise seeing as how the day started like this:

Hello, breakfast. :)

I had a pretty quiet morning until Jerry came home early from work. I had only decided two days before my birthday that I even wanted to celebrate it b/c I had been sick for a good 3 weeks at this point. The weather was particularly gorgeous so I decided I wanted to go to the Lake and watch Jerry fly his kite.

It may not seem like a very fun thing to do but it is actually quite relaxing watching someone else do all of the work while you lay back and stare into the cloudless sky.

Then, being the mature 27 year old I am, I declared it time for mini golf!

Love the pencil tucked behind his ear. Jer is a professional…but I’m better. ;)

My mature self also loves that this particular mini golf park is on the corner of Emily Street. Holler!

Of course, Jerry has to do the math for me…carrying numbers is too much work for one to handle on one’s birthday…

…and I won! Woohoo!!! It seems mini golf is the only thing I can beat Jerry at or come close to tying his score. I was pleased. :)

We headed next door to the Parkside Diner. A girl needs mac n’ cheese and fried chicken fingers on her birthday. She needs it.

I also wasn’t ashamed to ask for the box of crayons.

After a quick stop at Weggies (where I was allowed to wait in the car!) for essential birthday girl ice cream (aka mint chocolate chip), it was time to head home and await my crew.

The slowly trickled in and when the last 2 arrived I was forced to sit down with my back to the door as they brought in my “card.” Now, I fell I need to explain this to myself so the story doesn’t get confused down the road. As my girlfriend came around me with my cake, I was thinking that the cake was my card as I noticed two white pieces of fondant on top that I thought they wrote a nice message to me on. Color me confused when I noticed it was letters…and numbers:

 Bingo? That’s cool…but…I don’t really play. Oh! You mean we’re going to bingo!? AWESOME!

There’s a bingo hall near my house and we had been talking about going for months at this point. My dear friends decided my birthday was the perfect excuse to play old ladies (and gentlemen) for the night. :)

There was even a lucky troll! Too bad I ate his cotton candy hair before I thought to take a picture. They even put my birthday on the bingo cards and balls and the little red thing in the middle is a dobber!

We inhaled that cake with some ice cream and headed to a night of bingo!

I wish I could say any of us won anything…we did not. But it was a blast nonetheless!

The birthday festivities continued on! Saturday we (me and two of my girlfriends) hit up my very first 3D movie:

I cried like a baby. 3 times. It’s so much more meaningful now that I’ve actually experienced love unlike my 12 year old self who saw it the first time.

On Sunday, two more of my girlfriends joined me at the Rochester Public Market. What you need to know is that the produce is incredibly inexpensive and locally harvested AND you need to go early and get yourself one of these:

That would be a breakfast empanada from Juan & Maria’s. Un. Be. Lievable. I wanted to keep it pure but was encouraged to add some of their sauces…I didn’t think it could get better…but it did.

I will leave you fine folks with that image – don’t forget to wipe the drool off of your keyboard. ;)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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4 Responses to 27

  1. What a fun post!!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love the “Emily” Street! and Hubbs and I use to Mini Golf ALL the time. Never too old for that! Looks like you had a blast and had an amazing birthday that you deserved!!! xoxo Jenny Lynne

  2. I came by a few other times but didn’t say anything because I don’t know you. But this time is different… and so, since I’m here I might as well say – Happy Belated Birthday. I hope that you had a really good one. Your birthday breakfast looks exactly like something I’d eat for breakfast!

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