New Look

Another surprise for this gross Tuesday: I had a little work done.

Is that why I’ve been missing from the blog? Maybe. Let’s say it was that. Can you tell what it is?

No, no, I didn’t get my lips done…that was to throw you off. I know, it totally worked, right?

Actually, I’m a redhead now!

I didn’t go into the salon with intentions of becoming a redhead though I have always thought about it. I went in thinking I’d go a little lighter for summer but the main point was to cover up all of the gray hairs my parent’s have so politely passed on to me at the ripe old age of 27.

I’m told it’s not bad but I’m sure my stylist tells that to all the girls in her chair complaining about grays. She said I have less than 10% but now I have 0% and that makes me much happier.

Also, I’m sorry for the lips and the silly faces. I have pretty much no control over my facial muscles once that camera goes up. Loving to take photos of my family and friends, you think I’d have this under control about myself.

Clearly, that isn’t the case.

Have a good haircut recently? Did you go red? Or blonde? Or something you weren’t before? Spill!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to New Look

  1. Cate says:

    Yes! I went red! And got a haircut! And then my little sister copied me cause she thought I was so beautiful!!! Clearly I am honored by her love. Hahaha!!! You look fantastic!!

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