Easter Break: Friendly Dinner

Where the heck have I been? No posts in over a week? Not even a Thursday Lately? Buh-nanas. Let me catch you up.

Last week, I spent most of my time preparing for the arrival of some great friends of ours, Jaime and Bob. They crashed at our place for two whole nights while making their rounds to other family and friends.

I love being the house where people stay when they’re in town. I feel like you get really good QT as the days start up and wind down even if they have to travel here and there throughout their days. Do you agree?

While Jaime and Bob were here, Jerry and I decided to host “A Very Friendly Easter Dinner.” We hosted “A Very Friendly Christmas Dinner” just before Christmas but Easter had a much better turn out. What the heck is “A Very Friendly ___ Dinner,” you may be asking? We pick a night just before a holiday when friends will be visiting with their own families and we invite everyone over and have a night filled of eating, shenanigans and just plain hanging out before the craziness of our families take us over.

For Christmas Jer and I took charge of the whole meal (there were only 4 of us in attendance – a good 4 but…whomp, whomp). For Easter, we hosted a pot luck style get together once we realized that we were going to have a crowd of about 15 fine folks. This meant I got to focus all of my energy on desserts. :)

So I made 4.

YES! I love to bake! I made 4 desserts when any one of them would have been just fine to feed the crowd. God love Pinterest and my inability to be rational.

After a quick read through my 4 recipes, I knew I wanted to make at least one ahead of time. I decided the only one that would really keep was a recipe for Bunny Bark. I went in to this with the understanding that I wouldn’t eat any – b/c I don’t like white chocolate – but came out of it with a stomach ache. You can piece together what happened.

Mine didn’t come out as pretty as the recipe. While pouring the chocolate over the vanilla oreos, pretzels and most of the M&Ms, it was clear the chocolate wouldn’t cover everything by lightly spreading it.

So I folded it in. And folded it in. And folded it in. Until ever bit of choco-nilla-pretzel was covered. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and cracked the heck out of it the next morning. Now that the word is out there, this deliciousness should really be called Bunny Crack. I dare you to try to stop eating it.

The next dessert I made was the Lemon Icebox Cookies.

There was about to be a bit of chocolate overload so I decided a nice crisp citrus cookie would fit the bill nicely. These did not disappoint. They may be my new favorite cookie. They’re not too sweet at all and the lemon isn’t crazy tart, either. Simply perfect.

The cookies actually finished last since the dough had to be frozen for a few hours. While it was firming up, I whipped up some brownies. NBD…

…since I used boxed mix. SHHHH!!! Oh, please do not tell my mother! I just really wanted to try out this concoction where you smother the brownies with marshmallows and Easter colored M&Ms and since I had a slight inkling that I’d be in the kitchen all day with my other desserts, I figured cutting the corners with the brownies wouldn’t be a huge deal.

I used a Ghirardelli boxed mix so you know they were awesome even though not homemade. ;) My mouth is watering just thinking about them now…

If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen the last dessert. The dessert to end all desserts! I bring you, Easter Pizza!

AKA Diabetes Pie. I used this recipe but omitted the chocolate chips in the cookie base. Really…is it necessary? I made all of the desserts ahead of time but warmed this one up just before serving.

Here’s what it is if you can’t make it out:

It’s disgusting and amazing at the same time, right?

Since you’re probably in a sugar coma from just looking at all of that sweetness, I’m going to save the rest of our Easter weekend for tomorrow. Don’t worry – there are way fewer calories to consume. :)

Have a peaceful day!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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