Framed by Fingerprints

Instead of having a traditional guestbook that we would put away in a box and never take out, Jerry and I decided we really liked the idea of a fingerprint tree.

I found the free download from then opened it up in Photoshop to quickly add our names and the date. Easy Peasy.

There was a bit of a disaster that happened with our tree guestbook. You see, we left it in the Outer Banks in our rush to get out of the rental house! It had fallen off of and behind the table we propped it up on once everyone had inked their fingerprints. A week later, after I had given up hope of it ever being recovered, after the guests staying at the house after us had vacated the premises, the cleaning crew found it tucked away in closet.


It cost just under $30 for Twiddy to ship it back to us and they even insured it for $100 (the package also included a McKeating + Boyle sign that we accidentally left by the “driveway” to the house). It was a huge package.

Unfortunately, the glass in the frame had broken during transport so the print hung out in my office for awhile until I realized that a frame I purchased on a whim at a thrift store closing for $4 was the perfect size to hold it!

I had a little prying to do since the previous tenant of the frame was designed to stay there. A few minutes later and at the cost of some cleaning solution, our wedding fingerprint tree’s new home was ready!

I know you love my half painted nail polish look. Love it!

It’s hanging up in our living room next to the TV so we look right at it every time we park out tooshies on the sofa to catch up on CSI. :)

Obviously the corner is…lacking. We need a bigger chair for the space and I’d love to put up a wall mounted light behind it but wallets are tight, folks! We’ll see how this thing plays out in the coming months. I’d also like to get the print back in the Ikea frame…I think the white frame would pop a bit more on the red wall.

Did you have a fingerprint tree for your wedding? I know they are incredibly popular now. Or were. Maybe they’re over now. I don’t know. I’m kinda out of the wedding loop these days. It was a big hit at our wedding and we received multiple phone calls from concerned guests when they found out it was lost. Now that I think about it, maybe they cared a little less about us having it than they did about strangers having access to their fingerprints. :p

I also have plans for the image I took out of that frame so stay tuned for that!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Framed by Fingerprints

  1. Love this idea – and so thankful you got it back! I love that you used some great colors for the fingerprints, too!

    • Miss Em says:

      Thanks so much! We were kinda torn about whether to go with Fall colors or bright beachy colors but knew the Fall colors would jive better with our decor once we got it home. Winner winner chicken dinner! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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