Pin Less, Do More

In an effort to pin less and do more, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen recently. Sadly, most of what I’ve been whipping up has been of the sweets variety but all things made (with the exception of one I won’t be sharing) have been delicious.

Jerry decided on Mountain Dew cupcakes for his birthday (so, technically, not recently unless you count a month ago as recent). I really didn’t think I would enjoy them b/c I don’t enjoy Mountain Dew one bit.

Even still, these cupcakes were moist and citrusy and, in my humble opinion, tasted nothing like the green stuff. Unless we’re talking about this green stuff:

I had a bit of trouble getting the icing to a good piping consistency b/c of all of the zest the recipe calls for but it was amazing. I wish I was more like these cupcakes – so fresh and so light – but we all need something to aspire to, right? ;)

I wanted his birthday celebration to last a bit longer (it’s JB’s last year in his 20s!) so I whipped up some easy peasy PB squeezy fudge!

We couldn’t stop eating it. It wasn’t as heavy as your typical fudge and it was so smooth. Well, except for the fact that I used crunchy PB…good choice.

Where do you live? Do you live somewhere where everyone is crazy for Buffalo Sauce? B/c we do. I always knew about chicken wings but when Jer and I moved to Rochester, all bets were off. We have buffalo something at least once a week. Not good for the waistline with all the butter but oh so tasty!

“What the heck is that?!” you may be wondering to yourself. THAT is a Buffalo Chicken RING. Take a minute. Breathe. Now come back to me.

This thing was sooooooo good though I’m not sure you’re supposed to eat it as a meal. :p If anything, it could have used a little less cream cheese. I think the next time I make it – which I will – I’ll sub in a little rice for the cream cheese. It was so full of flavor…mmm…I want some right now.

Back to the sweets!

I made Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread. I swear I wouldn’t ever try this stuff if it wasn’t for Pinterest. A blessing and a curse. A blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of it b/c as soon as it was out of the oven it was traveling with us to a friends house where it was quickly devoured but trust me when I tell you to make it. Just do it. Once in your life. You have to live a little, you know?

These  6 minute caramels were really good even though they turned out looking nothing like the Pinterest photo. Actually, I don’t eat caramel, I’m just not really a fan but Jerry said they were really addictive and the tray he brought to work were gone pretty fast. Those folks will pretty much eat anything, though. So…if you’re a caramel connoisseur my guess is you should pass on these.

They were really tough to remove from the pan. If I make them again I’ll spray a little more generously with my Pam finger. I had to use my serious kitchen tools to remove them from the pan. I found cutting each line with a knife several times before trying to remove them from the pan worked pretty well.

I also made these PB Butterscotch Marshmallow bars. You now know all of the ingredients. Jerry really liked them but you have to like butterscotch (which I do not, bleck!) or don’t even bother with these!

On top of that I made this PB sheet cake. ! So good. I really think I’d like it best without the frosting b/c it’s so sweet and the PB cake is perfect. PERFECT.

I’ve made some other things and any that are worth trying (this is an example of something that is NOT worth trying and has been deleted) you can find on my board, Food – Tried and Approved. There is some deliciousness happening over there! :)

Happy baking!

PS Though I did make all of these in the time frame of about a week, this is not typical. We don’t usually allow this many sweets in our home but…special occasions call for special exceptions, right?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Pin Less, Do More

  1. Cate says:

    I just looked through your tried and approved list and can’t wait to try out some of those recipes!! I was curious about the green monster drink at the bottom – do you think there’s something that can be substituted for banana in these shakes since I’m allergic??

    • Miss Em says:

      Since when are you allergic to bananas, old lady? You could probably try some kind of yogurt but the bananas make the shakes a really nice consistency.

      …maybe we should try some this weekend? ;)


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