Painting Bonanza Continues…

I cannot believe that this little space in my home is taking so much time to share but I think it’s helping to demonstrate how long it took me to get the project finished. However, it is finished and for that I am so grateful. Check it off of my to-do list!

I had originally planned on painting the inside of that closet and removing that awesome carpet but then Jerry convinced me the carpet is helping with insulation (which needs all the help it can get in this house) and who ever is going to care if the closet interior is painted? At that point a simple, “Don’t do it,” would have convinced me.

So, back to the walls that I did paint, I decided on painting half the wall b/c I needed something a little different. I chose the tan b/c it’s what’s in the stairwell, the downstairs hall and the dining room and I had an extra can of it. So it was free. Plus, I don’t think I’m ready for the commitment of a bold color in this little space just yet.

Our walls have this weird bumpy texture, too. So I was really worried about how crisp I could get that line.

That picture right there is why I love Frog tape. :) I won’t use anything else anymore.

Here it is all said and done and accessorized! I’m working with very minimal “staging” bucks here but I did find that awesome bar cart for $10. Plus, it’s a really awkward space to decorate. This little area is pretty much the only place where something besides wall art can go.

That little cart is in for some spray painting biz-nass but I haven’t figured out what color is in its future. I’m thinking a nice oil-rubbed bronze would make it pop more than the current gold on tan.


Ok, ok, ok. So, obvious fake flowers aside…I LOVE this! My little turtle found a home! He’ll hold wash cloths for guests once they’re clean. Whoops! And I liked that the blue glass pulls some blue from the photo on the wall (which was a $2 Goodwill snag, frame and all).

I almost didn’t get it but it was calling to me. It’s pretty large and we don’t have much art around the house so I decided I needed it for $4 but it ended up being half off. I love that, don’t you? Such great surprises at the Goodwill check out counter. Oh! The best part?

It’s a limited edition print! Kinda cool, right? I couldn’t find anything out about the photographer. I think his name is Robert Baraf but I could be off on the last name. Know anything about him? I’d be interested to know!

The bottom shelf of the bar cart is a random smattering of colorful books, a wooden pedestal I found thrifting for .99 and a little white and teal bowl (also playing off of the photo) that I got at Anthropologie years ago.

So that’s it! Landing done! I wish I could say there is less painting in my future but the living room and the dining room both need trim painted at the very least (and the living room has crown moulding, too – argh!) and they’re both on my to do list for March. Lord, help my crippled hands.

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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