Revealed: Downstairs Bathroom

The great reveal is finally here! Didn’t know you were waiting for one? I didn’t think so BUT a long, long time ago when I started writing a different blog I posted quite a bit about this bathroom. I even did a 6 part bathroom post. True story.

Did you go read those posts? I’ll wait……….

So, gathering that you all read all 6 of those posts, you’ll know I left out a lot of details. Such as, don’t you have to put trim up around the beadboard? Don’t you then have to fill the holes? Then you should probably paint that trim? Once all the painting is done can’t you then hang things on the walls? Yes, yes, yes and yes. With all that trim to do, we needed to address the rotting windows first.

Ick. After a bit of prying and hitting, the old window got the heave ho. We purchased the windows at a bargain outlet and they were a bit smaller than the old ones so Jer had to reframe the holes for the new windows. That is, after he broke out the power tools to level out the old frame.

Working into the wee hours of the night as to not give burglars an open window to crawl through, we finished off the window the following morning with Great Stuff. Which is just as it claims, great.

Woohoo! One down, one to go!

For some projects, it really is best for me to just be a photographer. Oh, take a mental note of the bathroom from this side – I think it will help you put together how our bathroom is put together in a minute.

You can also see in the above picture that sometime between working on the first and second window (also a true story) we installed all of the trim on the toilet half of the bathroom (the right half in the photo above). Sometime in the next 15 months we finally installed the rest of the moulding on the shower half (as well as in the hallway and the living room but we’re not talking about those today).  Then I had to paint it.

Before that happened, though, we decided the shower needed some shelves. One for Jer and one for me. First we decided where we wanted them using our largest bottle of shampoo to determine how far apart they should be.

Then Jerry drilled right into the tile. It didn’t make me nearly as nervous this time as it did the first time (see Chapter 6).

And soon enough, it was done!

Holy cow it took a lot longer to get to this part than I had imagined. FINALLY, I filled holes, sanded and then painted the trim. Today the bathroom is done with one minor task left to do.

Drumroll, please!

Both of these doors lead to the same bathroom. The one on the left is the toilet half, the one on the right (which is always closed and locked) leads to the shower side. We’ve had a lot of guest try to go to the bathroom through the right door while someone was in the left. It was an easy decision to keep it locked for us. ;)

I promise you there is no yellow trim or yellow walls in our home. This was the best photo showing the clean, crisp white in the water closet.

Can you spot our one thing that still needs to be done? It drives me crazy. The bath mats, towel and toilet paper holder are all from Target (all Thomas O’Brien, I believe). The glass vase holding the toilet paper was $10 from TJ Maxx. The trash can was from Bed Bath & Beyond as was the window film (both windows look out onto our back patio – awkward). The towel hooks are from Anthropologie. Pretty much everything else you see is from Lowe’s. It’s our second home. :)

No joke, I bought those hooks before I knew Jerry and I were buying a house together. That’s commitment. Hahah.

This magazine rack is from Crate and Barrel. I pretty much fell in love with and bought it before I knew we even wanted/needed one. Tree provided the Reader’s Digest subscription and whether you need to know or not, Jer is the reader, I am not. Ew…hahaha!

There is a wall separating the two sides of the bathroom with an arch pass through. I kind of love the separation. Towels and bath mat, again from Target. The shower curtain was from Kohl’s and everything else is from Lowe’s. :)

This is the shower side of the bathroom – the right side. That little cabinet is an old record cabinet I scored at Goodwill a few weeks ago. You need to see how it started. It cleaned up so nice.

It’s not so cherry in real life. And it’s incredibly deep. It goes back about 6 inches behind the folded up towels.

I have a serious crush on the trim. It’s seriously challenging my crush on the subway tile in the shower.

This gives you an idea of what the bathroom looks like from the shower. Basically, I’m just trying to confuse you now. :)

I hope you enjoyed the bathroom tour! If and/or when we fix the little peeping pipe problem, I’ll fill you in. We just can’t decide on the best way to conceal it with still being able to access it when needed. Hey, got any ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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