She’s Crafty: Valentine’s Heart Wreath

I tried to get more creative with the title but I’m having a moment…that has lasted 3 days. I cannot shake this funk but I am fighting through it. SO!

I recently made a Valentine’s Day wreath for the Jer’s mama, aka Tree. She birthed my favorite person on the planet the day after Valentine’s Day and always gave his birthday a touch of the holiday with a heart shaped brownie cake. I decided this year I wanted to gift her with a heart shaped something for the big day. Enter, my yarn collection.

I used a styrofoam heart form, yarn, ribbon hot glue and a blunt end needle (typically used for knitting). I picked grey and red b/c Tree is a huge Ohio State fan.

You begin rather simply by wrapping the end of the yarn underneath itself.

Then you wrap and wrap and wrap. I found the easiest way was to wrap a whole bunch of times not worrying about where the yarn lays, like this:

Once you’ve wrapped it around several times, twist it as you pull it closer to the tightly wrapped portion and it will even out.

Keep going until you get to the point. This part can be a little tricky to maneuver around. I basically wrap it as many times as I can over both the left and right side of the heart and then move on. You’ll come back to this later with my favorite tool – the hot glue gun. Oh yeah.

Once you get the entire heart wrapped, take the blunt tip needle and feed the end of your yarn back and forth through what you’ve already wrapped. Then take your hot glue gun and put a big ol’ mound of glue on the end to keep it extra tight…like a tiger.

Once you get that part finished, you’re going to need to address the points. Add some hot glue along the edge of the point and push the yarn into it. After holding it for about a second, it should stick. It’s that simple. I found using my nails to push the yarn pieces in kept me from burning myself on the glue. Real professional over here. ;)

Since the glue dries clear, you can smear it all you want onto the yarn. I try to keep mine to a minimum, though.

When you decide how you want your ribbon placed, wrap it around and then glue it at the top. I extend one end to make a loop for the wreath to hang from before smothering it with hot glue.

It’s not the prettiest thing but remember, this is the backside of your wreath which, much like it’s designer, there’s not much to see there. So hang it and forget about that hot mess o’ glue you just rubbed on. I really need to work on the wording of my sentences…

The entire thing took about an episode of Felicity to finish. Not too shabby.

I made an ivory one for me, too:

What? I had a lot of episodes to catch up on…happy crafting. :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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