Just Do It: February Goals

I’ve gotta put this out in the universe so I can be held accountable for the undertaking and then I promise to post all about my completed (and almost completed) January goals:

That’s right, folks! I’ve officially gone nuts! If I can accomplish any of these (well, other than finishing the halls and stairwell) I’ll consider myself done for the year. Just kidding. But…let’s look at these goals. Any one would be a serious accomplishment since I’ve been meaning to do them for years and years and years but to try to do them all in one short month? The shortest of months? I think I’ve fallen off my rocker.

1 & 2 Organize/Back-up Photos & Music – I have sooo many photos and a huge CD collection that I’m itching to depart with so I really would like to organize all of my photos (finally getting rid of the blurry ones that no one cares to see and the like) and upload all of my CDs to my iTunes and then back everything up on my hard drive. I have the space. I have the will. It must get done.

3. Finish the Halls & Stairwell – These small simple connections to the hubs of our humble home need to be completed. As in yesterday. Why are such small spaces not finished? They are so easily overlooked as we rush to other projects in other rooms. Of course the moulding is up (mostly) and we have a banister in the stairwell (much to the satisfaction of our house guests) but that’s pretty much it. Oh, the walls are painted in all but the upstairs landing which I’m calling a “hall” for this goal. And I would seriously LOVE to hang some art on the wall. Or photos. Or both. Who knows? I am going crazy this month.

4. Write a book – So…I’m a writer. This should be done already. But it isn’t. I have ADD when it comes to writing. I’ll think of great scenes or conversations that should be had but then I’ll never piece them together in a cohesive manner and then I read and over read them again and again until I’m so tired with the story that I put it in a folder to be picked at later. Only, it never gets picked at. It sits on the proverbial shelf and collects proverbial dust. This. Has. Got. To. Stop. I picked up the book No Plot, No Problem! and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up with the word count. I already dislike my story but it’s more about getting it done so you can fix it once the month is over. Sadly, I’m lacking in motivation and need this little bit of pressure and everyone to know about it to hold me accountable for it. Today? I haven’t written a word for it yet. (Here I’m up to 480). I have a problem.

On that note, I need to hole myself into my office and get cracking on number 4. Since it’s likely to be a daily thing (I can’t really picture myself ever getting ahead of the game, here), I think I’m doomed to have a quiet blog for February. :( Who knows, though, maybe the freedom to write whatever I want here will help me with my book troubles there.

Oh, I was going to add lose x amount of lbs this month, too, but then I decided for every 100 words I write for my book I get 1 M&M. Of course that’s not going to break the bank but yesterday I got to catch up from day 1 & 2 and had 34 M&Ms…they were delightful. I don’t even like M&Ms that much it was more of a victory snack. And it was awesome. Pray for me!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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3 Responses to Just Do It: February Goals

  1. I have to back up all of my info too. It’s so sad that’s it’s so easy, but still never gets done, isn’t it?! Oh well, one day! Great goals & I’m really interested in your book one!! = )

    P.S. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster blog award. Check out my blog for more info! = )

    • Miss Em says:

      How sweet! Thanks, Andrea! I’ll do a post for Monday morning! :) There really is no excuse for us to not have our info backed up! We need to get on it…but it’s so easy to push it to the back burner.

      Have a great rest of your weekend!

      Thanks, again!

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