Just Do It: January Recap

I really need to fill you in on all of the goodness that was January so I can get onto what’s in store for February b/c it’s really exciting for me and plus also I think I may be going crazy with one of my goals for this month!

Let’s refresh your memory:

1. Finish The Hunger Games Trilogy – That was done so fast I forgot it was a goal. I could not put those books down and neither could Jerry (probably b/c I was over his shoulder asking him what part he was at about 20 times a minute). I am SO excited for the movie to come out! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my first midnight viewing of anything ever. (Guess what’s gonna be on my March goal list?) ;)

2. Learn to Knit – Donezo! I’m still working on a post about what sites I’m using and finding most helpful. I have only made 4 bookmarks, though, so I’m no expert yet but I do find myself itching to pull out those needles. And this just got weird.

3. Finish the Downstairs Bathroom – UGH! The bane of my existence! We were thisclose to completely 100% being finished in the bathroom and I may just post about it anyway b/c we really are that close. We’re working on a last minute switch up to help conceal some pipes and the original plan (that was my idea) is really not working. Other than that it is D-O-N-E.

4. Send out Wedding Thank Yous – I am sooooooooo glad that this is off of my to-do list! Wahoo! I mean, I love and am thankful for everyone who got a letter but I really feel like thank yous should be implied these days. Kinda old fashioned to figure out how to word and reword letter after letter after letter after letter after letter after letter after…I think you get my point. I am glad I did them. I feel like I’m in some awesome club now that knows how awful it is to have to do. :p

So that was January! I’m pretty sure I’ll be completely done with the bathroom this week so I’m more than happy with the productivity. :) Have you finished any goals are kept up with your resolutions? Let me know!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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