She’s Crafty: Wedding Alterations

I know I just said wedding week was over but I want to get these posts out before I forget and never do it. Mostly, I want to discuss this photo:

Let’s start with the hangers b/c they’re the easiest. The only tools you need are a 5 pack of wooden hangers from Target and a white out pen. Then open the white out pen and get to writing! Duh. That easy. The white out doesn’t come off easily at all. I messed up on a hanger and had to put it in our coat closet b/c I scratched it and removed stain before the white out started coming off.

Finding jewelry for the bridesmaids was really difficult for me. The necklaces more specifically since I had a very clear image in my head. This one to be exact:

I also had a budget that didn’t allow me to spend over $200 each on necklaces…and I needed 3. At one point I even dragged Jer with that picture to Hobby Lobby and purchased $60 worth of beads and wire in hopes of creating a necklace similar to the one above.

Then one day we happened to be strolling through Walmart for something wedding related when I dragged Jer through the jewelry department “just to check.” (He’ll tell you that’s what I say about every store we ever go in and it always ends up hours later and us spending moolah we hadn’t planned on). So anyway, that’s where I found these necklaces:

BOOM! Win! Go team McBoyle!

The necklace was actually supposed to be one long strand that really wasn’t long enough to wrap twice around your head. Luckily for me (and not our wallet) I had yet to return the necklace making materials and had clasps that could be easily attached by loosening the existing loops with pliers.

While I was at it and on a “crossing this off the to do list” kind of high, I also attached little starfish to the clasps that laid flat on the girls’ backs. Since they all would have their hair up at the wedding I thought it would be a cute touch.

Sure it’s not as fancy as the semi-precious stone necklace but the look was achieved for under $10 a necklace. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

I loved it so much that I made one for myself. Doesn’t every bride do that, though? One for you, one for me? Right? ;)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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