Our Wedding: First Looks

That’s right – first looksss. As I was standing around waiting for something, anything to happen, for someone to tell me what I was supposed to do now that I was dressed the best I ever would be and anxious as all get up to see my Jer Bear…that’s when the door opened.

It was my mom (aka Joanie Liverwurst aka JL).

This photo cracks me up! I can hear the sound coming out of my mom’s mouth right now. This was the very first time she had seen me in my dress ever. She unfortunately wasn’t with me when I found it and refused to go to any fittings stating that she’d “see the dress when Jerry sees the dress.” Once Jer and I decided we were going to walk down the aisle together, JL decided to sneak a peek before my “first look” with my future husband.

She stayed for a few minutes, through hugs, kisses and no tears! Soon after she closed the door, it opened a second time.

It was my Dad (aka Johnny Mac).

Same story here. Just like my mom, mi padre didn’t want anything to do with the dress before it was on me on my big day. I’m so glad he waited. This picture makes me so happy.

He, too, stayed for a few minutes before he was rushed out by The Actress (bonus points if you remember who that is from yesterday). Again, no tears! Everyone was just too happy and excited to get the party started that no one was crying!

Tony, my step-dad (aka Zippy) didn’t get the “no crying” memo.

They were happy tears but got everyone else in the room crying. That’d be me, Cate, Andrea and my pregnant photographer, Katie (poor thing didn’t stand a chance)!

Jackie, my step-mom (aka Jazzy Jax around these parts) must have been tied up doing something amazing for me and the Jer because she was no where to be found! I did get a nice visit from Abigail and Emalyn, my flower girls. Somehow them telling me I looked pretty was better than anything else that had entered my ears that day. :)

Andrea, one of my amazing girlfriends that I talked about yesterday, well, I was referring to her yesterday, was in the room filming. She handed me a headphone which instinctively I put in (when you work in video production you don’t second guess something like someone handing you headphones you just put them on). I could hear everything Jerry was saying. I had to rip it out of my ear it made me so nervous to know what was going on on his end. I very much liked the idea of being able to listen in on him but he sounded so nervous, I just couldn’t take it.

At that point, Katie calmly approached me to confirm what I had just heard, Jerry was on the 3rd floor balcony waiting for me.

We were given a few moments of privacy and told to meet the wedding party and photographers on the first floor when we’re ready. We ended up lingering a little longer than we should have before we descended 3 flights in the elevator to our awaiting company.

This last photo is one of my favorites. It’s the first look that our bridal party got of us together. There are no words to describe the emotions and thoughts running through our minds when the picture was snapped. What you don’t see behind us is a group of about 15 people cheering for us. No words.

I’m so thankful for these photos. They so perfectly capture the feelings of excitement and happiness that were buzzing around all morning before the wedding.

All photos © Katie Leigh Photography

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Our Wedding: First Looks

  1. Jazzy jax says:

    Started crying….remebering the day you found the dress. FABULOUS, is all I have to say.

    • Miss Em says:

      Jackie I wish I had a picture of you seeing the dress the first time on the wedding day and also pictures of all of us from the bridal shop! How great and hysterical would those photos be!? Love you!


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