Our Wedding: Ceremony

A lot of people have been in my situation: you have a dad and a step-dad. Who walks you down the aisle? I’ve heard every combination you can imagine from asking your mom instead to walking with them both to having one meet you half way down the aisle and do a sort of trade off.

None of these really appealed to me and I really wrestled with what to do for the longest time. Then it hit me. I’m going to walk the rest of my life next to my Jer Bear – why not start now?

After running the idea by Jerry (who wasn’t sold instantly) and then Johnny Mac and Zippy, it seemed like the best fit for our wedding. That spurred this whole other idea of a wedding parade. Didn’t our mothers earn the right to walk down the aisle just as much as our fathers? And aren’t Jerry’s parents just as much a part of our new family as mine are?

Lead by our bridal party, each set of our parents would walk the aisle together, as well. Following them would be our flower girls and then finally, me and Jer. You may also notice we’re backwards. Thanks to Mother Nature and a little thing called wind and another little thing called a microphone, Jerry needed to be facing away from the wind (which ended up great b/c I then had my back to the sun and wasn’t being blinded the entire time I tried to look up at my future hunk of a man – er, husband).

Just as the ceremony started, I got the giggles. Uncontrollably. Who does that? The whole thing started to seem silly to me. For example, Jerry and I had been together for almost 9 years before we got married. Did we really need to throw a big horse and pony show for everyone to know we were committed to each other? No. But my goodness, am I glad we did! :) Also, there were trick kites being flown directly above and into Jerry’s head from my vantage point. That would give anyone the giggles…anyone who is 12 like me, at least.

Our Reverend was awesome. Reverend Shriley Anne of Carolina Wedding Company. We met her at the Expo and she was able to squeeze us into her busy schedule! She was the sweetest lady and her laid back but professional style fit perfectly in our wedding. She guided us through the entire thing with such ease that I doubt any of our guest knew we didn’t have a clue what was going on! Reverend Shirley was taking us through it step by step as it was happening. We customized the ceremony by piecing together bits from multiple ceremony examples on her site and even found all three readings for our moms there.

We decided to do a sand ceremony b/c, hello, we were getting married on the beach. We brought a jar full of sand from Lake Ontario (where we were engaged) and mixed it in with sand from the Outer Banks.

At this point, my partner in crime was back and giggling along with me. As Reverend Shirley was doing her thing during the sand ceremony, we quickly realized we couldn’t both pour at the same time! Luckily Jerry is really smart and just picked his glass up a little higher than mine so we could avoid the whole, “You first,”/ “No, you first,” thing in the middle of our ceremony.

We wrote our own vows that Jerry only agreed to do after I okayed being able to read them from a piece of paper. Written on little yellow note paper that you can find in at least a dozen places in my home currently (or my mother’s or my sister’s), our scribbled vows made it all the way from Rochester to the Outer Banks. (Though Cate did have to copy them down on a new sheet so we didn’t have to hand the paper back and forth). ;)

We did read back and forth, though. Some things we said were cute, some were lovey but most were funny. Like us. See, even Reverend Shirley is laughing. She was the only person who could really hear us, after all.

We shared our first kiss and I’m proud to say my nose didn’t get in the way! Well, too much. It squishes pretty well. ;)

We had cones filled with lavender passed out before the ceremony began. My dream of a giant clam shell filled with lavender for the scooping was blown down the beach when we realized that might actually happen. My girlfriend, Jackie, took charge and personally filled all of the cones and handed them out one by one.

The lavender was tossed everywhere! One guest (who will remain nameless b/c you know who you are!) even tried to through the lavender directly into our faces. Luckily, the wind was on our side and we laughed as not a single bud of lavender touched us.

We had a quick recessional line. I love that we had such a small wedding b/c we got to say hello and thank you to each and every one of our guests multiple times throughout the night!

And b/c this is my blog and my wedding, you’re going to get my perspective. Next up? Get ready to vogue for the camera!


Get the DL on the men’s clothes here and the ladies’ clothing here.

Jerry and I made and stained the giant frame behind us. We wanted a focal point and didn’t really care to figure out how deep poles would have to be to not fall over and what fabric to use for flags or ribbons on top of those poles. We also had to have something that was easy to transport. The frame…you know what? I’ll do a post on it. :)

The little table that the sand ceremony get up is on was from inside the Wild Horse. Shh…don’t tell on us! I etched the apothecary jar that will forever hold our sands. It says, “Boyle,” on one side and “10.8.11,” on the other. I also embellished it with grey polka dot ribbon that was left over from out wedding invitations. The same ribbon was strung around the pouring glasses and held together with mini pinwheels.

The box in front of our sand ceremony apothecary jar holds a silver horseshoe from my Dad’s mother (who lives in Ireland and had 0 chance of making it to the wedding). It’s meant to bring good luck to the couple and is typically carried in the bouquet but…if you didn’t notice…I didn’t carry one. ;)

The aisle runners were made from driftwood the groomsmen and some friends found the night before and was strung together with white rope from Lowe’s that Jerry had made some celtic knots in…I’m sure I have photos of that. Maybe a ceremony crafts post is in order. :)


All photos © Katie Leigh Photography

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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