Our Wedding: The Ladies

I was going to start with some lyrics to “Where My Girls At?” by 702 but I’ll spare you. Do you remember that song? Good times, good times.

So if you haven’t guess by now we’ll be discussing the morning of our wedding from the ladies’ perspective. And here is where I realize I have 0 pictures from getting our hair done! Doh! NOTE TO BABY MAMA: Please alert your Baby Daddy that I am in need of some pre-wedding hairdo photos. K, thanks. ;)

In the photo above from left to right we have Cate (my older sister, The Actress, red head), Sarah (my oldest sister, Baby Mama, brunette) and Franchesca (Jerry’s little sister, Cake Baker Extraordinaire, blonde). That should help you tell them apart pretty well, I think.

Jumping ahead to post hairdo-ifying, we were whisked to the 3rd floor bridal suite (yes, the house we were staying in has 3 floors and an amazing bridal suite). The ceremony didn’t start until 3 and I think we got in just after noon sometime. We had no luck finding a nail salon to get our nails did but luckily, each of us just happened to bring polishes we thought would look great with our dresses. So we got on it.

Sidebar: Isn’t Frannie’s hair awesome?! It freaking rocks my world I love it so much. Also, there was the issue of a bruise needing to be concealed. Baby Mamas run a hard life.

There was also the issue of eating. I had housed a Dunkin Donuts bagel and cream cheese before getting my hair done and then a DD pumpkin muffin on the ride back to the house (can you tell I’m an emotional eater?) so naturally I was starved by this point and someone, I think my girlfriend Alison who was running between me and the caterer at this point, brought me a buffalo chicken sandwich with lettuce, american cheese and mayonnaise. It. Was. Delicious. And thankfully, there are no photos of it. :) But there is a photo of Ali being my messenger!

She’s so cute. And one of the best friends a girl could have. I’m fortunate to have a group of 5 wonderful ladies (not including my bridesmaids!) that I could not have pulled this wedding off without. Much love, ladies!

Since we had the make up out to cover Sarah’s bruise, we figured it was high time to spackle it on our faces. Somehow, I ended up doing everyones make up but it was totally cool with me since it calmed me down without me knowing I was nervous. Another one of my amazing girlfriends, Jackie, brought all of her make up which is a lot a lot since she is the GM of a certain beauty store and gets loads for free on top of what she purchases for herself – lucky lady! Lucky me!

Only one thing left to do – get dressed!

I sort of made the necklaces and sort of made the hangers. Sort of. It was more like embellishing both. Not really making them. I’ll do a quick post on the necklaces soon…and I’ll throw the hangers in there for cupcakes and puppies, too.

Then we got a pint sized visitor!

Abby came to see us first since Emma was not having putting on a dress and being girly. She was escorted out quickly by Grandma JL so we could get my dress on me.

Very quickly after I was ready to go, everyone left the room! I found myself alone with the photographer wondering what to do while I waiting for mine and Jerry’s first look. Luckily, I had some visitors…more on that after the break!


My dress was Melissa Sweet Leighton (I wrote all about it here). It’s from a few seasons ago but you can still find it being sold on pre-owned wedding dress sites like this one and this one. I got an amazing deal from the cutest sales girl ever – tax brought the dress to just over $1,000. Yes, it was more than we wanted to spend but after my trials and tribulations…and my instant tears when I saw it on myself…it was worth it.

My bridesmaids wore dresses from lightinthebox.com (which has 6% cash back right now through Ebates). The style is no more! I had never heard of the site and was a bit weary about ordering from them but Sarah from Russet Street Reno got her bridesmaid dresses there and I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong! You know, because we go way back to never but I pretend I know her. Haha. The only point I will make about Light in the Box is that you MUST be certain of what you are ordering. No changing your mind on style or color. They only accept returns if their is something wrong with the item or you have an allergy to the material. Weird reasons like that. Don’t try to be me and decide you want a different color. Ain’t gonna happen.

All of the jewelry was from Target (with the exception of the colorful necklaces and, of course, my engagement ring). My shoes (which you don’t see b/c I didn’t put them on until the reception) are from Lands’ End Canvas. I wore the soft gold metallic and loved them so much I bought the other pair when I got home. The maids wore bronze metallic flip flops from Old Navy.


ALL of the stores I listed above participate in cash back through Ebates! You’re doing yourself a disservice by not signing up. I don’t want to hound you guys and I’m not getting anything from Ebates by mentioning them. I just really, really believe you deserve that cash back. Weddings are expensive enough as it is!

All photos © Katie Leigh Photography

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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