Our Wedding: The Gentlemen

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Saying “the gentlemen” always makes me giggle because of that show BUT it has nothing to do with our wedding so we’re moving on.

From left to right we have John, Jr. (Jerry’s oldest brother), Jason (Jerry’s BFF), Jerry (my hunky husband), Jason (Jerry’s other older brother), and Jacob (Jerry’s youngest brother). It will be easiest to remember tie colors for future references to pictures so get yourself acquainted now:

*Jerry, Jason, John, Jason, Jacob

Of course the gentlemen (heeheehee) had it way easier than the ladies on the morning of October 8, 2011. I’m not sure how late they were able to sleep in but I imagined it happened. After they took care of the 3 S’s (I’m not going to spell those out, I hope you know what they are), it was a matter of minutes before they were dressed and ready to go.

They even had enough time to relax with a few beers (Jer later told me he had about 3) and a game or two of pool.

Once the game was over, they had time before the wedding to snap all of their group shots.

Do you love their beer cups? ;)

They had more time still to fly some kites! Earlier in the week pretty much everyone in the house bought trick kites. At this point, us girls were starting to notice exactly how much free time the guys had as we watched them from the bridal suite. That’s when my nerves started – when I could see Jerry 3 flights up and half a football field away. I wonder when Jerry got nervous…probably right before those “3” beers. ;)

Then suddenly, it was time for the first look…but more on that later. ;)

The guys’ suit separates (slim fit if you are wondering) were purchased from Dillard’s and are no longer being sold but I found a very similar one here at Macy’s. It was incredibly difficult for us to find a grey suit with vest option that didn’t break the bank so I hope this helps if you’re looking! The white shirts are extra fitted from Express. We knew we wanted a white shirt that was less see through and didn’t have pockets. This one fit the bill and fit really nice under the slim vest.

All of the ties were from Macy’s. All different brands since we were trying to get specific colors but I’m pretty sure some were John Ashford while others were Geoffery Beene.

Their sandals were purchased through Sears. They were black leather and are, of course, now sold out. These and these are very similar if my memory serves me right.

ALSO: Please don’t make any purchases without logging in to Ebates first! Jerry and I got about $100 cash back by shopping through their site. I wouldn’t tell you about it if it was a scam. It seriously pays you cash back. I don’t know how. I just know I’ve now cashed 3 checks from them and it makes me happy. :)

All photographs © Katie Leigh Photography

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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