My Boys

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute – just sit right there – I’ll tell you how I became the Queen of a house full of males.

Do you see what I did there? So clever. SO clever.

1. Jerry

Well, this one is kind of obvious. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time (heck, even if this is the first post you’re ever reading) you’ll know my numero uno, dreamboat of a husband, Jerry (aka The Jer, Jer Bear). He’s an engineer and keeps me unemployed (and by that I mean he’s allowing me to follow my dream of being a freelance writer/producer/director). Go, Jerry!

2. Quinn

Quinn is a very stereotypical 1 1/5 year old cat with a few quirks. He has lots of energy, his favorite exercise is running the length and height of the house (zoomies) but then he’ll sit on the edge of the bathroom sink and patiently wait for you to be done with your business so you can leave the faucet on a light stream for him to drink from. Oh, he also loves belly rubs.

So, you may be wondering why this is an introduction. Probably not but maybe you are. Seeing as you can learn all about those two on the “The Boyles” page, why is an introduction necessary?

Well, over the past few weeks, Quinn had taken it upon himself to wake the hubs and myself up anywhere from 5-6 AM. This might not have been a big deal if either of us had to wake up that early but we don’t. And I’m sure everyone can agree how annoying it is to wake up an hour before your alarm is supposed to go off. Am I right? That’s rhetorical. You don’t have to answer it. I know I’m right.

After discussing our issue with a few friends (yes, it was indeed an issue b/c it happened every. single. morning), we came to the conclusion that Quinny just needed a buddy! Since Eddie passed away late in October, Jerry and I really aren’t ready for another dog. We tried. We went to a couple of shelters but I never made it passed the front door before the streams were making their way down my cheeks.

We decided this past Saturday would be the day we go look for a new kitty friend for Quinn. I sort of had the idea we would get a white cat (b/c how cute would it be to have a black and a white cat) but after discussing with the first shelter lady about what we were looking for in a new family member, she simply smiled and handed us him:

3. Ray

Okay, so really she handed us “Raisin” but…he’s a black cat. Without any wrinkly skin. So we’ve shortened his name to Ray as to be least confusing on him. (Plus we like people names for our pets – Eddie, Quinn, Ray). We had the entire day planned to look for a new family member but Ray was the first and only cat we needed to see. He loved up on us and even gave Jerry some kisses before resting his head on his wrist and falling asleep.

Ray still has his kitten fluff (we were going into this expecting to get an older cat to show Quinn how he should be acting) but will be a large medium-long hair black cat. He even has a couple of teeny tiny white patches in his fur exactly where Quinn does. It’s bizarre. And adorable.

He’s been able to keep up with Quinn since we brought him home. He refused to stay locked up in the bathroom so they could get used to each other and Quinn didn’t mind the sudden introduction either! That is until about 2 hours after chasing each other non stop and becoming completely exhausted. A few low grumbles and a couple of hisses sent Ray under the couch for the rest of the first night (he was under there the second night, too, but I think he enjoys it now b/c Quinn can’t fit under there anymore so he gets to be alone with his thoughts).

Today is day 3 with our little guy with giant paws and it feels like he could have been here forever (except for the mass amounts of kitty poo that I’ve had to clean from the litter box). Someday we’ll be ready to add another dog to the brood but for now, we’re happy to get our sleep. :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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