She’s Crafty: Christmas Card Keepsake

Is keepsake the right word? Sure. I don’t know. Anyway…


January 6th is the official expiration date on Christmas in the McBoyle household and as usual, one of the last things to get torn down (yes, even after the tree) is our Christmas card display.

I just love them so much. I love looking at them and wandering by them to read a note or two from a loved one and I hate, hate, hate throwing them away. I’ve never seen any use in keeping them, though. A friend once said he keeps the nice ones and puts them in a box but that box, I imagine, would get pretty huge and disorganized if he’s anything like me.

I wanted to save our wedding cards, too, but again…what and how do you keep them?!

Then I came across this lovely pin which linked me, once again, to Something Turquoise. Jen seriously has the best craft ideas ever! She also is way more professional than I am, so please excuse my short cuts with this craft and be sure to check out her post for the full tutorial. ;)

My differences from Jen’s tutorial:

1. I didn’t have any cardboard so I just glue dotted two pieces of card stock together. It seems heavy and sturdy enough for my purposes (hiding them until next Christmas).

2. I didn’t have any brads. So I glue dotted the ribbon in between the two back pieces of card stock. (The glue dot box said it works great on textiles so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it holds up…plus I used a LOT of glue dots on the back).

3. I used a regular old hole punch making sure to use the cover as my guide every time so that the holes would all line up.

4. My binder clip was holding together two whisks I bought on my infamous trip to Meijer when we were in Ohio. I may or may not replace it. It’s a triangle and kind of awesome.

It’s super easy and a great way to keep all of your Christmas cards together, neatly. In a cute little package with a ribbon on it. I made sure to just tie a simple bow with the ribbon as not to deter the Jer from opening it up and taking a peak inside. He laughed when I told him that…mostly b/c he knows it’s true. :)

I didn’t even realize until I was done MacGyvering my mini album that Jen had done one for Christmas cards, too. Here I was thinking I was being all smart. :p Great tutorial, Jen! Thanks for sharing your genius!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to She’s Crafty: Christmas Card Keepsake

  1. Love this! I did this with our wedding cards!

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