One Dark Night in a Cabin in the Woods…

…we held a very PINK surprise baby shower!

Here was the set up:

This is where everyone sat to play games and watch Sophia, our Mom-to-Be, open gifts. Of course she got the comfy double chair all to herself!

My sister-in-law and one of my co-hosts, Francakes, lives in this gorgeous cabin in the middle of nowhere land Ohio. I spent a day deep cleaning and setting up while she was at work. The far table on the top left-ish of the photo above was actually a onsie and bib decorating table.

The pink tablecloths and most of the decorations were from Party City (where I scored some awesome after Christmas things as well as part of my shopping spree with Fran and Jerry’s Mom, Teresa, our 3rd co-host).

This was probably my favorite event of the night. People would visit the table periodically so the clothesline we set up on the stairs had a constant rotation of creativity.

Since the floor plan is so open, we tried to really decorate the whole place. It was a great idea from Mama Tree (aka Teresa) for displaying them and it really did help decorate that part of the house a little more. I really love how it turned out! And stop laughing at my poo rocks. They were awesome.

We had another table set up with more things to keep guests busy.

Sophia got more than one present, I promise you. This picture was taken before anyone arrived (or my co-hosts had even dropped in). Also, the big yellow piece of paper became a chart where guests could guess the weight and length the baby will be when she’s born. You know I had Jerry math out that grid to be perfect for me!

This little suitcase held all the notes from guests with either advice or a note for Sophia and our baby girl.

Brother John had told Tree how Sophia had really been craving cheese puffs. She was then on a mission to find this bottle (I didn’t even know they made them)! We stuffed it with cheese puffs and asked guests to guess how many were in it for a prize. After realizing none of us wanted to actually count the cheese puffs (it was later brought up that we could have counted them going in, duh) we decided that we would just let everyone guess a number then when all the votes were in, let them know we weren’t going to count them and instead of a prize, handed out the favors. It worked really well at letting everyone know the party was over. ;)

Other games were played but I’ll spare the guests putting the pictures online. :p There are some choice ones of grown women smelling baby diapers (Guess what the “poo” is – melted mini chocolate bars in baby diapers). I didn’t get pictures of the second game. I can’t remember what I was doing…I think I was finishing up the Chicken Lasagna. We’ll go with that. The second game was a memory game where you carry around a tray of baby items and people have to try to remember what’s on the tray. An alternative to the game if people have played it before is to walk the tray around the room then ask the guests to write down as much detail as they can about what the person holding the tray was wearing. That person will, of course, be out of the room when you ask.

Onto the food!

The main course was the Chicken Lasagna which was awesome. For starters we had crudites with sour cream dip, grape and pineapple skewers (the skewers were actually toothpicks), Conn’s Party Mix (an Ohio must – or maybe it’s just a Southern Ohio thing? I have no clue but everyone loves it), more cheese puffs, shrimp cocktail (that went in the big empty spot above), plenty of cupcakes and punch!

The cupcakes were basic vanilla and chocolate but we used a tip from Martha and used lifesavers and jelly beans to make pacifiers on top. They’re just held together with a little bit of frosting. I do have to warn you, though. If you have left over cupcakes, take the lifesavers off if you can’t store them in the fridge. Let out on the counter, ours melted slightly onto the frosting. I’m not saying we didn’t still eat them…I’m just saying they weren’t as cute. :p

You’ll notice we opted for fruit flavored lifesavers. We thought they’d taste better than the minty ones…I think we were right.

We also modified the punch recipe by using Sprite instead of Gingerale. The only reason we did it was b/c Sprite is Sophia’s drink of choice…it was delicious.

And how cute are the pink rubber duckies?!

Bringing it full circle with the pink. :)

In case you’re hoping for a better look at those little signs I whipped up for each station, here they are:

Sorry about the lighting…it was late and I was coming down from a punch high. ;) I hope you enjoyed a peak at Sophia’s Surprise Baby Shower! I’m seriously thinking that punch will make an appearance at any future party I throw. It’s that good.

Did you host a baby shower recently? Or a surprise anything? Tell me about it! Aren’t they the best? I just love throwing surprise parties.

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to One Dark Night in a Cabin in the Woods…

  1. Karen says:

    I love so many of your ideas. I have a question though. Where did you find the baby “suitcase” that the advice was put in?

    • Miss Em says:

      Hi Karen!

      So sorry it took me so long to respond – I don’t actually hang out here anymore! I’ve moved to

      To answer your question, though, the suitcase was purchased from Meijer. (It’s like Target but they don’t have them in as many locations).

      I hope you get a chance to check out the new things going on over at! (There will be a bunch of posts coming up about my own baby shower which was children’s book themed)!


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