A Very Boyle Christmas…and New Year

WARNING: Longest Post EVER. Continue at your own risk

As you may have guessed, Jerry and I spent the week following Christmas in Ohio at his parents house. It. Was. Awesome. But first…it was Christmas at the McBoyle house aka our house – there are a lot of Boyles, you can’t just say “I was at the Boyle’s house.” I’ve named us the McBoyle household in order to curb any confusion amongst Boyle knowers. Consider yourself in the know. :)

Christmas Eve was quite busy since that’s when we finished the Skittled Vodka, started the Jolly Ranchered Vodka, delivered Christmas presents to friends homes like the sneaky little elves we were and made our Gingerbread House:

Legendary, am I wrong? We gave up pretty quickly after we realized the hole in the icing bag was too big and the icing itself was too warm. I tell you what, though, it was pretty delicious 5 seconds after that photo was taken.

Christmas day was spent quite lazily. We slept on the couch waiting for Old Saint Nick to show but that sneaky guy got in and out before we had a chance to offer him a side of the gingerbread house…not that I think he would have accepted it. Probably not the best looking offer he got that night. ;)

We had a mid-day conference call with the Boyle fam via Skype. It was a bit crazy and looked something like this:

Yeah, you try having a conversation with that many people in the room and not being able to make eye contact with anyone. It was fun, though, and I’d put money on it happening again. Bonus points if you can tell what we made for dinner that night! Just kidding…don’t be a creeper.

Of course other phone calls were made – even a special one overseas to my Grandmother in Ireland. I love talking to her on the phone. You can always hear her smile. She is the smiliest person I know which may be where I get it from…

The day after Christmas was when we actually headed for Ohio and made a pit stop at the PA border on 90 b/c that welcome center is very well placed overlooking vineyards and Lake Erie (it’s also much prettier every other month or when it’s covered in snow instead of this blah inbetween we got):

We were busy, busy, busy once we got to Jerry’s parent’s house. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I did spend most of Tuesday in my pajamas reading The Hunger Games. Sooo good.

Then on Wednesday, the Boyles finally got a new couch!

Since the Christmas tree was still up, the whole thing didn’t fully fit in the living room. You can see the extra piece hanging out on the left hand side of the picture. Speaking of the Christmas tree…

I love it. It looks so homey to me. Like every ornament has a story behind it. That’s what I want to happen when my kids are grown and out of the house. A Christmas tree filled with memories. Begin collective “Awww…” now!

Wednesday was also the day that Jer’s Mom, Teresa aka Tree, and sister, Franchesca aka any name that starts with Fran such as Francakes or Franchickachickachesca (which happens to be my favorite) accompanied me shopping. I’m still not sure if I’m allowed to do that ever again. I’m hoping by the next time we’re in Ohio, Jerry will have forgotten my weakness during after Christmas shopping with these two lovely ladies.

Thursday I spent the majority of the day cleaning and preparing for a little sneaky baby shower we had planned for Jerry’s sister-in-law, Sophia, but more on that later b/c when I got home from a day filled with cleaning all I wanted to do was…

Cook dinner for 9 people! Uh, yeah. Foot + Mouth = Me. I had volunteered before actually being able to witness the status of the home I was cleaning up for the party. Tree bet me it would take longer than the 2 hours I predicted…it took me 5. Yikes. Also, I’m not sure why I’m squatting in this picture, maybe I was feeling tall that day? Who knows.

Dinner was chicken parm, pasta, brocolli, caesar salad, red sauce and garlic bread. Pretty much the only dinner besides burritos that I can cook without a recipe. And dare I say, it’s pretty darn tasty?

Teresa even set the table all fancy since all of us kids were home together (which is very difficult to do):

It was perfect. Such a good night. It, in Boyle tradition, was followed by game playing until the wee hours of the morning while snacking on dinner left overs.

Friday was a pretty hang around day, we did some more visiting with other family members then had the baby shower…which I’m so excited to share! However, it will have to wait b/c you need to know that I took the time to paint my nails with these:

I was a bit disappointed with this Orly color, I had to use 2 coats to get the full color. I’m too lazy for that and, you may or may not recall that Orly is my one coat wonder so I was a little bummed at this discovery. The color was Sand Castle and the glitterific pink standing next to it is Essie’s A Cut Above (which is way cheaper on Amazon right now then when I bought it at the store). The combination is ridiculously fun. It’s still on my nails and I need to take it off but I just love it too much.

Another thing I love too much? Gingerbread:

Whaaat?! Meijer has seriously blown my socks off with this one. I’m sure it’s not exclusive to them or anything but that’s where I found this bag for 72 cents! I had no clue what I would do with them until I was about to fall asleep on the new couch for a cat nap minus the cats when it hit me. Rice Krispie Treats!

They actually had a recipe on the side of the box for what spices to use to make Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats but this way was sooo much easier. I had three before any knew I even made them. Delicious.

That actually takes us into the New Year since I was crushed by depression on New Year’s Eve. That was a major bummer. :\ I did manage to suck it up and head to the woods for the party held by Frannipoo and their older brother Jason. No cable in the middle of nowhere meant trying to find a live feed on a laptop before realizing we were ridiculously close to midnight, loading up ABC.com and making it just in time for the :14 countdown. Win = Boyles

Here’s a rare look at Boyles in action:

Since you’re all in the know about the Boyles, I probably don’t have to tell you that’s Jerry’s oldest brother John at the left, then the Jer, Francakes, Jerry’s other older brother Jason and the youngest Boyle brother, Jacob. This my friends, is how you bring Boyle’s together. Not necessarily Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots. Any game will draw out at least a few.

There were others in attendance. Like Jerry’s cousin Tia (maker of the awesomest meringues ever that I dream about all year long until Christmas comes again). Tia brought her ukulele which was awesome. NOTE: Ukuleles may be mentioned again in a month or two…or three.

That almost looks like there were 2 ukuleles but there was only one. Tia played a song for Brother John (aka future Baby Daddy) and he almost got it perfect on his first play back. Wild New Year’s Eve party, huh? Just my style. :) And don’t anyone tell either of these 2 their pictures are up here, got me? Serious repercussions.

The next day, there were more presents to open (Santa must have missed the Boyle house and had to swing back around this year) and songs to sing. Not just your regular songs, no, no, no. This year marked the 1st Annual (is it? I’m not really sure) Boyle Christmas Song Parody Contest (it wasn’t actually a contest at all).

Jacob’s song came with costume. He sang, “Fleas on my Dog.” Frontline really might want to contact him about the rights to the song. They would be awesome in a Christmas ad next year…just saying. Of course, Jer was around with the flip to record the whole thing…heeheehee.

That was it! Well, except for the baby shower but more on that in a few days! If you survived to this point, congrats. This may be the longest post I’ve ever written. :) Did you get to spend some QT with the fam this holiday season?

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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