2011: Year in Review



  • A disappointing Steelerbowl Superbowl but the food was excellent
  • Jerry and I celebrate our 1 year engagement and 8 year anniversary at Pane Vino
  • We make Snow Cream
  • The girls come out to Jerry’s broomball game
  • Jerry’s birthday grants him homemade PB cups
  • I paint Jerry’s office and clean/organize the closet as his gift
  • I take pole dancing class with Alison and Andrea
  • Ugly Disco!


  • First wedding dress purchased
  • Snowstorm?
  • Large donations to Goodwill
  • My first experience with Kings Cake
  • …and Pancake Day
  • We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day downtown with Jaime, Nikki and Andrea
  • I make a Pi Pie for Pi Day
  • Jerry prints out large floor plans for the Wild Horse so we can start placing guests in rooms!


  • The hunt for bridesmaid dresses is in full swing
  • Jer and I pick up fence panels and rental truck near closing time at Lowe’s
  • My first experience with “Friendship Bread” leaves me feeling less than friendly to the giver
  • My 26th birthday party had gourmet build your own burgers and Baked Alaska cupcakes
  • I pull down wallpaper in upstairs bathroom to discover the wall is crumbling
  • Couch shopping for Andrea
  • Hand dyed Easter eggs
  • My first and last spray tan


  • Chase Corporate Challenge 5K with my lady friends
  • Visit Dad and Jax in Albany with Sarah and the twins
  • Wedding invitation production line begins
  • Jerry’s wedding suit is in!
  • I transplant Irises, Hostas
  • Picnic at Ellison Park with friends
  • Mom and Tony visit – Mom and I clear out yard by fence
  • Jerry begins replacing fence in backyard
  • I purchase my wedding dress!
  • I finished fixing the upstairs bathroom wall
  • I paint the dining room and hallway
  • Jer rehangs dining room art
  • We start building dining room bench
  • Transplant trees from side fence to back fence (they die in a few months)
  • Host surprise and a half birthday party for 2 friends
  • Plant herb garden
  • Transplant rose bushes
  • Picnic in the park for Andrea’s birthday


  • Tree stump = gone
  • Andrea + Emily = 5th Place in the Rochester CitySolve!
  • Emily + pruning Lilac tree = really bad sunburn
  • Jerry finds his tie for the wedding along with the rest of the groomsmen
  • Trip to Ohio
  • Our first trip to a Chik-fil-A <– totally worth noting
  • Dinner and Improv with Andrea and Nikki


  • Host July 4th weekend from my neighbors pool – with their permission of course!
  • We finish building the dining room bench and Jer finishes the moulding there and in the hall (lucky guy had a week off)
  • Jerry installs light fixture and outlet in upstairs bathroom
  • Go-karts and Mini-Golf for Ali’s birthday (we’re all adults, here)
  • Bridesmaids dresses are in!
  • Wedding Shower Fiesta (with men and women)
  • Boating on Lake Ontario with Cynthia and Josh
  • Jaime and Bob leave for CA but not before a lakeside picnic, carnival and demolition derby!
  • The bar finally leaves the living room! More furniture switcheroos take place
  • Wedding craftiness begins


  • Spend 7 hours in the ER to find out my dizziness and tingling body are a result of “neurological weirdness” – thanks, Doc.
  • Catskill visit at my Mom’s to see my Grandparents from downstate and the twins
  • Wedding crafts continue
  • Buy wedding sandals and much more.
  • Spend Mom’s 50th camping at Letchworth State Park – Grand Canyon of the East


  • The only thing we did this month were wedding crafts
  • Oh, and we bought a Jeep
  • I also drive home for 3 weekends worth of dress fittings. Oye.
  • Also…I quit my day job. Did I forget to mention that? Whoops.


  • Spent a week with family and friends in the OBX
  • Took my first tiny plane ride with my bridesmaids
  • Took all the parts off the Jeep that can actually be taken off, drove on the beach and had a photo shoot, too
  • Got married – finally!
  • Spent 2 days alone with the Mr in the OBX
  • Jerry and Cole installed a new water heater
  • Bought new router (the 2 things we turned off for the wedding were done-zo when we got home)
  • Jerry worked on the fence some more
  • 5th Annual Cider Tasting
  • I seriously start attacking some of those Pins
  • My Our Kitchenaid Mixer arrives!
  • Jerry and I make our own Halloween costumes
  • Eddie passes away


  • Made my map chair
  • Baked Fall treats
  • Did lots of shopping
  • Got the front garden ready for winter
  • Cleaned out and organized the attic space above the garage and breezeway
  • Installed solar lights in front garden
  • Etched some glass
  • Decorated for Fall
  • Celebrated 100 posts and 1 year of blogging on According to Boyle
  • Spent the first half of Thanksgiving at my Mother’s house
  • Spent the second half at my Dad’s house (and celebrated his birthday!)


  • Started Thursday Latlies
  • Cut down our 2nd Christmas Tree
  • Received our wedding photos
  • Decorated the house for Christmas
  • Jerry finished putting up the fence in the backyard!
  • Purchased our Nativity Set
  • Made paper snowflakes for the first time
  • First “fancy” ladies night out with my girlies
  • Cooked and baked and cooked and baked and baked
  • Made lots of Christmas gifts and crafts
  • Made our own Christmas cards
  • Made our first Gingerbread House (it was a total flop!)
  • Spent our 2nd Christmas morning in our own home
  • Spent the last week of the year with Jerry’s family in Ohio
  • Made dinner for 9 hungry Boyles
  • Co-hostessed a Baby Shower!

This year has been one serious ride. I can’t believe all that we did in December alone! Some of which I still have to share and cannot wait! Let’s get through these New Year posts and get started with it!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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