She’s Crafty: And Drunk

Holy bananas, Batman. Or should I say Skittles? Or should I say Jolly Ranchers? We’ll get to those later. Truth be told this was another “craft” for girlfriend of mine and her husband. They don’t throw them back regularly but I knew they would appreciate 5 sweet little cordials.

Of course, I found a pin to ignite my get-on-it-ness going but this one…this one required extreme patience of which I do not have. Of which the Jer Bear does. Thank goodness for the Jer Bear. I should have stopped the whole thing when Jerry and I realized we didn’t have a funnel. A funnel is a key component (I’m guessing) in speeding up this process.

First you let all of the separated Skittles (60) soak overnight in the vodka (8 oz). That’s the easy part. I dare call that part fun and interesting in the “it could be a science experiment” kind of way.

After much trial and error (much, much, much trial and error to the tune of 4 hours trial and error), we found the best method without a funnel is this:

First round run through 5 coffee filters placed in the center of a strainer over a large bowl. The slow curve of our strainer held all of the liquid in the middle and strained it without us having to do anything but add the Skittled vodka bit by bit until it was done.

We then moved what landed in that bowl through 2 more coffee filters in my potato ricer into yet another bowl. You read that correctly. My potato ricer. Ah, the uses for your kitchen gadgets that you have yet to uncover! :)

The Skittled Vodka is then ready for pouring into your adorable flasks (found here for a steal)! You’ll remember we don’t have a strainer so we cut little bitty holes in the corner of 5 sandwich bags that I held over the flasks while Jerry poured the science experiment vodka.

Et voila! Easy, peasy, my day is gone-squeezy!

Hahah – we did have fun figuring it out and by we I mean Jerry. He really got into this one. So much so that when he saw this over my shoulder, he ran to the store and bought 2 bags of Jolly Ranchers.

They require no filtration! Just put 12 in the flask, cover it with vodka and you’re done! DONE! Ours, of course, took more than 24 hours to liquify and we have yet been able to sip on them (they’re being saved for New Year’s Eve) but the bits I licked off my fingers during a spill were very promising. ;)

Definitely try the Skittles if that’s your bag, baby. If not, stick to the Jolly Ranchers!

Before I sign off, a few methods that did not work in the Skittle straining method demonstrated by photography (you know I’m serious b/c I used red ink):

Your behind will be sore, you hand will be stiff and your palm will be dyed. You also run the risk of dropping one end of the gunk on the filters into the clean Skittle juice.

The filters become so extremely soaked (and lodged with gunk) that the Skittle juice begins to run down the outside of the jar instead of the inside making a sticky mess and threatening to stain your counters. Which, in case you didn’t know, is way worse than your hand.

Peace and love!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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4 Responses to She’s Crafty: And Drunk

  1. The title of this post, had me laughing out loud… To funny!

    I wanted to try this, but heard some mixed reviews. I’m thinking I’ll go the Jolly Rancher route…Cuz the Skittle’s seem to involved. AND… I’m lazy like that! = )

    Thanks for sharing!

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