Christmas Challenge: Week 2 – Make

Starting it off with a make this week! Thanks, once again, to my Charlie Brown Advent Calendar! (Please note: I linked to the calendar to show you what I’m working with. I don’t want you to spend $50 on two pieces of heavy paper glued together and decorated. I guarantee you my Aunt got this for a nickel – she’s awesome like that).

We made elf hats! Now I’m sure the Peanuts gang meant for them to be made out of paper, something quick and easy but Jerry (that’s right) insisted we go pick up some felt and do it right.

I really love this guy.

Knowing that everyone and their mother would be cutting red and green fabric for the upcoming holiday, I headed for the remnants bin and was not disappointed. We were able to find enough green and red felt to make our 2 elf hats and then some. I also picked up a red sparkly felt remnant and some green and red plaid remnants (there were 2) figuring I’d find something to do with them.

Anywho, the elf hats were incredibly easy to make. Measure the circumference of your head (this will be the curved part) and make sure the other 2 sides are equidistant before cutting out the cone:

Then cut out the spiky smaller piece (not in the same color – I apparently skipped taking photos of red fleece):

Sew those two pieces together putting their fronts facing the same way (sort of laying on top of each other) so when you flip the spiky bit around you will hide the seam completely:

Once that’s done, sew the two equal sides of the cone together creating your elf hat!

Add a jingle bell to the top by hand sewing it and you’re done!

Actually, I hand sewed the spiky ends together so they always want to flip upwards and not fall into your face. We love our proper elf hats and wear them every day. I even wore mine to the car dealership to drop off and pick it up for scheduled maintenance. :)

What are you making?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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