Thanksgiving Recap

Before I get any more into Christmas, I don’t want to forget sharing these photos from my Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, I was too busy screaming debating my answers to Apples to Apples and learning how to dance with my kid brother that I didn’t capture any photos from Black Friday (aka Dad’s birthday!) on!

Brace yourself b/c that means that there are a lot of pictures of adorable twin-ness about to happen…starting now!

Abigail (blue) and Emalyn (green) are obsessed with this red work out ball that my mom has. It was so much fun to watch them through themselves at it, tumble and then laugh, get up and do it all again. Abby is also really good at kicking it (dare I say we have the next Mia Hamm on our hands?) so we played together while Emma was running around the house in circles.

Then it was time for the sandbox. In November. In the Catskills. This early Winter weather has been crazy!

Do you love Abby’s pants? The girls both decorated their legs with star stickers while playing quietly together in the living room. We should have known something was up!

They take sandbox play very seriously. I really wonder sometimes what it’s like to be 3.

Emalyn hates getting her picture taken so you know she was having a blast when I snapped the one on the left. And that picture of Abby cracks me up. She was laughing so hard but made a big smile for the camera as she noticed it up in front of my face.

Just like last time, I wanted to snap a photo of our ladies through the generations:

Then it was time for dinner. As usual, no one cooperates for the photo at the same time:

The dessert table:

The 4 pies hadn’t arrived yet but do you see the plate and utensil set up?

We turned around and the table was set like this. “What?” said Great Grandma Grace (aka G3) like nothing had happened to the napkin, plate and utensils that had been lazily placed on the table. She said it made it easier to pick up what you need b/c those darn plates are hard to pull apart and everyone would be waiting. Oh! The pumpkin roll was a must have for the Jer Bear. It’s simply not Thanksgiving to him without it. I also made the Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars.


Abigail was so delirious at the end of the night she needed JL’s glasses to see straight:

The rest of us faired no better and ended up taking any spot we could find to catch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Joanie Liverwurst sure knows how to pack them in and stuff ’em full! Where did you spend Thanksgiving?

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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