She’s Crafty: But Needs Help


Wait. I need to back up.

If you’re new here (which I’m guessing many of you are b/c I inexplicably had 50 hits by noon yesterday when I usually have 3 – what up, guys!?) I need you to know two things about me:

1. I’m crazy. Not “I’m glad I’m an orange” crazy but crazy in that I get these ridiculous ideas and schemes about a million times a day that need to be implemented immediately. Also, I talk to myself…in song…a lot.

2. I’m lazy. All of those ridiculous ideas and schemes? They rarely get finished. My horoscope has been telling me since I was old enough to read that this is indeed a character trait of an Aries so I know I am not alone in starting a million projects and then letting them sit around for…well, who’s counting? (coughmecoughsixyearscough). Also, the two photos above were taken a year apart. I don’t know why that matters but I wanted you to know.

Now that we have our bases covered…this particular project has been sitting around for about a week – yeah, about a week sounds good – and I need to figure out how to finish it. That’s where you come in!

Finishing up our fall yard work a week or so ago involved clipping back a lot of plants. When I clipped back this guy:

Oh my. Sooo fragrant. Sooo good (but I really need to start wearing make up while lounging and gardening). I wanted to bring it all in the house but it was just after our scare with Quinn so I wanted to make sure it was cat friendly. I called my mom (who graciously donated the plant a few awhile ago) and she told me it was Nepeta Faassenii. Since JL (that’s Joanie Liverwurst aka Mom if you’re of those new here) doesn’t bother with the common everyday names of plants, Nepeta Faassenii is also known as Catmint!

Okay, so it’s good for cats. Excellent. 50% of cats would kill for this stuff! It’s not as strong as Catnip but…whatevs. I brought it in the house with a huge smile on my face only to find out Quinn is not interested. Awesome. I accidentally planted Catmint for him and he doesn’t care?! What an ungrateful cat I have.

Even though he wasn’t interested, I pulled all the leaves and flowers off from the stems of about half of the pile (those are the fragrant/attracting/herbal/healing/mumbo jumbo parts). So, my question to you is…what do I do with it now?

I could make sachets for other peoples cats, I guess. My actress sister, Cate, said her cats love catnip so it would be nice to send her some. I also found this recipe for Catnip Cookies and was wondering if I could just substitute my catmint? JL thinks I should use it like potpourri but you can’t really smell the catmint unless it’s being “bruised” (I know that b/c I read it).

What should I do?!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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