Autumn Mantle

Fall is definitely my favorite season but I have always found it so difficult to decorate for. I guess my brain just doesn’t typically go to rustic or country in between the brights of Halloween and the sparklies of Christmas and the New Year.

Someway, somehow, this year it hit me and I knew exactly what pieces I had around the house to use. Granted I had to dig for quite a few of them but it was worth it to have a little seasonal flair around the house.

I cut some free branches from the bushes growing wildly in my front yard giving them a little better shape and me some height and color for my newly updated vase. (In my defense, they looked way better last night before I messed it up by not putting them in water. They are looking much better now that I figured that out). I then ran to the breezeway to grab one of my new wicker-esque pumpkins. He blends in over there (another reason to paint the living room?) but I love the texture he adds.

My philadendrom is always on this side of the mantle. He likes his home and I can’t bring myself to put him anywhere with less light so he stayed but he got a boost from one of the slices of pine tree that we used as table decor at our wedding. Then I just added my favorite candle sticks for some serious height.

The centerpieces is a fabric painting that I scored at an estate sale with my Dad about a year ago for $1.50 (it still had the tag pinned to it). I bought the wooden key from a thrift store. It had a bunch of little hooks in it to hold – get this – keys but I thought it’d be cuter spray painted and used as wall art…guess I never got around to spray painting it. :p

What!? Did I get this far without mentioning my turkeys!? I bought them 6 years ago at a dollar store b/c I had no clue how to decorate for this glorious inbetween and hadn’t the collection of chotchkies that I do now. I keep them around. They remind me of simpler times…maybe I could spray paint them? White? ;)

My “tablescape” is pretty sad. I wanted to use another slice of pine tree and I had the pedestal and styrofoam ball/twig thing hanging out (it, too, was purchased about 6 years ago). They typically surround an orange tinted glass to house a candle but I switched it up this year. Love my pumpkins. :)

What’s your inbetween decor look like? Got any ideas for me that I can steal next year?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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