5th Annual Cider Tasting

While we’re on the topic of the kitchen, Jer and I held our annual Rochester area Cider Tasting! DUNDUNduuuuun…

This actually happened shortly after our return from the wedding. I’m just a little behind. We did have an audience, though:

So what happens in one person sets up the cider “shots”:

Then the other person comes in for the taste testing to decide which is their favorite.

Double fisting is not only common, it is encouraged.

Then a winner is chosen!

Well, sort of. Now it’s the Jer’s turn.

See what I mean about the double-fisting? You’d think we learned that kind of behavior at school or something…and another winner is chosen!

Typically, when there is a toss up between two winners (which surprisingly doesn’t happen very often) we’ll have a taste-off (very original, right?) between the two. We didn’t this time b/c – in case you missed it in all of the excitement, Mayer’s (my number 1 pick) sold us a cherry smash apple cider automatically disqualifying it. :( It didn’t taste very cherry-like.

Anyway, that’s our 5th Annual Cider Tasting! Our little family’s tradition. And for the curious, b/c, well, aren’t you all? We did try to make it into a party once and our groups of friends weren’t ready to mingle yet. After seeing how well they mingled at the wedding, we think we may try again next year.

You in? ;)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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