Fall Work

The hubs and I spent a lot of time outside this weekend. For early November in Western NY, the weather has been quite agreeable. I’ll take it…and so will my roses!

Not only are they still blooming (crazy!) they have grown so well in their new home under the kitchen window. If you don’t remember they used to look like this:

Well, with a little TLC and a lot more space and sun, they now look like this:


Jer got through borrowingness of raking leaves (yawn) but we did get enough to make a pile and jump in it. No pictures were taken of course b/c jumping in leaves is serious business and is no place for a relatively expensive piece of equipment.

He did not, however, have to rake up pine needles! YAY! Thank goodness we got rid of that tree last year. No pine needle blanket in the backyard = awesomesauce.

I had the pleasure of clipping back a lot of the plants in the front garden. Simply put, they were out of control. Then I put down the leftover mulch from our trip to the nursery last Spring (thank God for Step-Dads and pick-up trucks). It was just enough to cover both front beds.

*NOTE: This picture was taken the day after Jer finished raking…he’s slightly more accurate on game day.

I also scored some solar lights from Target a few weeks back. Originally $3 a piece, I ran out of there purchasing them for .75 each! Woohoo! For the same price I would have gotten 3, I got 12. No big deal.

I love them.

We also spent the majority of Sunday in the attic over the garage and breezeway (it’s all connected up there). We pulled out a ton of garbage. Old building materials with God knows what on them, 3 old cookie sheets that are way larger than either of our ovens could actually accommodate and the old wooden garage door – now in pieces!

And now your life is complete: you’ve seen a photo of my trash. It’s a good thing garbage pick up is Monday around these here parts.

Only one of the garage door panels wasn’t being used as a floor up there. I know this b/c I was the one crawling around in the yuck. It’s a good thing it’s so dark up there. There were way fewer bugs than I would have imagined! Or maybe I just couldn’t see them. We’ll stick with they weren’t there.

Anyway, now it’s all clean and ready to store all of our season stuff that I have been moving around the house every year. Hoorah for getting stuff done!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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