Dear Eddie

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

I went to the bank today to change my name on mine and Papa’s bank account (I know that doesn’t mean anything to you but it is pertinent information for the story I’m about to share with you). I went to a different branch than usual b/c I also had to swing by the post office (to make sure my speeding ticket that no one knows about but us got paid on time). I told the teller that I needed to change my name and a nice lady jumped up from her cubicle (it’s like a room in a room – kind of hard to explain) and let me know that I could, “Come right over!” when I was done with the teller.

As she was looking at my paperwork she noticed that we live a block away from each other. When I explained to her exactly which house was ours she jumped.

“You’re Eddie’s parents!”

First, I am a singular but she was excited. Second, that was really hard to hear.

I grasped my mouth with my hand and my eyes filled up faster than a river during a hurricane.

“Well, yes, but…,” I had to explain when I realized I was just staring through glassy eyes.

She ran around her desk and gave me the best hug I’ve ever gotten…from a stranger. It was sincere and came from love and I really appreciated it. It wasn’t one of those fake hugs you give when you’re in an awkward situation or you, I don’t know, don’t know the person. It was a great hug.

It turns out, she is the Mama of a big black and white dog named Lokey (which I’m sure I’ve misspelled, I’m sorry, but I think I hit the nail on the head phonetically). Immediately I apologized for you (being the punk that you were to other dogs I wasn’t sure what she thought of you – you have to understand that, I’m sure, but don’t worry b/c I also told her how much you loved babies and cats so it equals out). She said you were never a bother and were such a great, loyal dog. She and her husband noticed “something a little different going on” in the backyard and she expressed her deepest sympathies. It was really quite nice. But…

Third, how did she know your name?

Apparently, everyone, everywhere knows your name. That may be an exaggeration but you know me. It is, however, harder to convince myself otherwise with the events that have taken place since Sunday (especially since no one actually reads my blog where I talk endlessly about you – you must have been sneaking out at night). In this particular case, she said she had heard us calling to you as she walked past and could see our backyard from hers – no doubt she heard us hollering for you when you were scolding those other dogs (how dare they walk by our yard!) or when you were taking your time a little too late at night or a little too early in the morning. Everyone at your doctor’s office knew who you were and that we were your lucky parents without you even being with us! That, my dear dog, is not an exaggeration and perhaps a story for another time. It’s a little too late tonight.

Sweet Dreams,


About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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