Bad Luck

You always heard growing up that if you break a mirror it’s 7 years of bad luck, right? Who hasn’t heard that, really? Anyway, my questions is, now that I’m an adult, is it silly to still kind of be fearful of it? And if not, heck, even if it is, what happens if your dog breaks the mirror but it’s your fault for putting it somewhere he could break it?

Do you need more explanation? The other day, this happened:

I was cleaning the breezeway and the garage and needed to block the cat in the house b/c he was getting very interested in the garage and for his safety needed to stay out.

Why not just close the door?

Then Eddie would freak out and whine until he saw me and what I was doing, duh.

Okay, you’re back with me. I put the mirror leaning up against the step into the kitchen and was really nervous about it but figured, I was right there and I could catch it or something. Then it happened.

I forgot I was keeping an eye on it in my cleaning frenzy and it crashed. Loud and hard.

As I turned to scold Quinn, Eddie was standing there shaking. Shaking! The poor old guy had startled himself so badly. I quickly picked it up, realized it was totally my fault then began wondering if that 7 years was coming my way or his.

Isn’t that awful?

I tried to convince myself I was being silly and 7 year, 7 schmears but look at that piece of glass that came out! Spooky.

We covered this yesterday. I’m a grown woman but some of these things that are pressed in my brain are totally ridiculous but I can’t seem to get rid of them.

Short story long, Eddie broke my mirror that I was planning on spray painting and hanging up in the breezeway (I’ve had this plan for about a year now).

Break anything lately?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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