Sunrise to Sunset

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Boyle and I just tied the knot this past October 8th! We found an amazing beach house that allowed us to have a weeks vacation with 50 of our friends and family (plus the other guests who booked homes up the beach) before putting a ring on it. Bonus: it only called for a slightly larger budget than having a one day ho-down here in Rochester!

We got married here:

I know, right?! The house is called Wild Horse and you can rent it through the nicest people on Earth – they all work at Twiddy. I’m not kidding.

We were definitely on a budget to begin with but by pinching our pennies for over a year before the wedding (we had a pretty long engagement) we were able to make this happen without ending up in a mountain of debt. There was also a lot of DIY and corner cutting involved but we’ll get into that later.

Jerry and I always knew we wanted to get married in October (we had, oh, 7 years to think about it). We also knew with the beach house that we wanted the pool to be open. Really, what’s the point of renting a beach house if you can’t go in the ocean or jump in the pool? Hm? The fact that October is “off-season” in the Outer Banks (ie lower rates on everything) didn’t hurt either. Plus, we’re from Western NY. Do you really think 70 is cold to us?

Wow, anyway, to get to the point of this post, Jerry and I woke up to the sunrise every morning (maybe me a few more times than him) and tried our best to enjoy most sunsets, too. Since they were coming a bit earlier, we were in the middle of chowing down dinner during a few. However, we did manage to wake up in time together to watch the universe do it’s thing on two separate days.

The first sunrise we caught together was on Tuesday, October 4th. Jer was up with our brothers and our Dads to head out for a day of golfing and I couldn’t say no to his invite.

We were both filled with excitement and nerves as the week had just begun and most of the house dwellers had yet to arrive. Everything was still so surreal and peaceful.

Later that night, I had to steal him away during dinner to watch the sunset over the Wildlife Refuge that surrounds the house while he finished eating.

It was incredibly difficult to have a moment to ourselves throughout the week. Being able to sneak off to watch this amazing sunset was one of the most fantastic parts of the whole trip for me.

The next sunrise/sunset we caught was actually a sunset/sunrise. Check out for the Wild Horse is Sunday so that night we got a suite at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk knowing we’d be pretty wiped out from the wedding the night before.

My step-brothers told me about this awesome restaurant they ate at in Duck on Friday, October 7th, called Aqua so I thought it could be the perfect setting for our last supper in the Outer Banks where we could watch the sunset over the sound.

It was. And there was this adorable dog enjoying the peace that is a soundside sunset, too.

Finally, after a full, fantastic nights’ sleep at the Hilton (hello, that bed was phenomenal!) I awoke to the bleary orange beam of light I had grown oh so familiar with over the past week. Jerry and I jumped out of bed to enjoy our final sunrise on the Outer Banks.

It was just as awe inspiring as the first one on Tuesday. We were both more relaxed and able to enjoy it just a little bit more this time – our first sunrise as husband and wife. :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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