The Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition

Things around my house have been seriously focused on our upcoming wedding (especially thanks to my down time and the amazingness that is Pinterest – just check out this little board of mine to see how I really spend my wedding planning time)!

Anyway, when I saw this and this posted on two of my favorite blogs, I knew exactly what I needed to use this challenge for:

…and in a second you’ll understand why it blends in with my dining room walls! :)

I pinned the inspiration here (for the second time, I’m sure if you’re on Pinterest you understand the second pin ;)) and you can find the original work along with many more gorgeous examples here.

Before I talk at all about my take on the wedding card box, I must say that if my lazy bones could have afforded one of the card boxes from The Wedding Main St, I would have bought one up in a hurry! Our needs, however, are much more frugal. Also, their Wedding Card Boxes hold way more cards than an unsocial couple like the Jer and myself could ever dream of receiving. ;)

Let’s get started, shall we?

NOTE: Please read the ENTIRE post before trying to make this! I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did! Trust this girl – I used CAPS and italic!

Here’s what I used:

There were a few updates but basically here’s the list:

  • Cardboard Boxes in 3 sizes (we used 10, 8 and 6 inches)
  • Paint (left over from painting the dining room; Olympics Dusty Trail)
  • Mini-Roller (it left a better texture than the foam brush)
  • Maps (ours were left over from an old trip to Ireland)
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Razor Blade
  • Ruler
  • Double-Sided Tape

I immediately got started on the painting (if you’ve ever been here before you know painting is my thing and not JBs):

I didn’t bother painting the bottom of the smallest box since it will never be seen but I did paint the bottom of the biggest box since someone might see it during transport. What? It could totally happen and how embarrassed would I be by our unfinished card box? Extremely.

The man decided he wanted to help and got right on measuring and cutting the hole in the bottom of the middle box and one of the same size in the lid of the biggest box:

Jerry decided to go in an inch from each edge since we wanted to make sure the maps had something to wrap around and to really give the effect of this being three indivual boxes tied together with the ribbon.

Once he finished that, I quickly painted the large box top and moved on to maps and ModPodge!

So simple! It’s worth mentioning, I think, that this was my very first ever experience with ModPodge. Ever.

I’m hooked.

Some quick steps for getting your map on (or other paper preference):

  1. Spread a nice layer of ModPodge on one side of the box and place your paper showing the bits you want shown (in my case there were a few key cities I wanted showing more on that later). Then, gently smooth out the paper onto the cardboard pressing out excess glue.
  2. Cut down the length of the paper so you only have about 1/2 inch of overhang on both the top and bottom of the box for folding over and keeping everything snug.
  3. Be sure to put an extra bit of ModPodge on the edges of the paper where they are meeting the edge of the box – you don’t want anything to come undone!
  4. Continue your way around the box paying special attention to the interior corners. They don’t have to look pretty since you’ll never see them again but you don’t want them coming undone either.
  5. ModPodge over top of all four sides, the bottom overhang as well as the top, inside, never going to be seen again overhang. (All anyone wants in life is a little security, am I wrong? Go crazy with the ModPodge on the inside. I sure did).
Easy peasy! Wanna see all that in picture form? I thought so! :)

I actually conquered the lid first but was so stuck in the 5 minute learning curve that I forgot to take pictures but wouldn’t have been able to anyway b/c I was covered in ModPodge.

*Crafty Drinking Game Alert: Go ahead and take a drink for each time I wrote “ModPodge” – you know what, scratch that. I don’t want you to get sick all over your awesome wedding card box! ;)

Ready for assembly! Wait…something isn’t right here…what the!? JERRY!?

I totally forgot to put a slit in the map covered box so people could, I don’t know, put cards in the wedding card box? Might be a good idea. Totally my fault but Jer-Bear is the heroic type:

What a good guy, right? Luckiest girl in the world lives HERE.

As he should have been, Jerry was a little irked that I didn’t realize my mistake before slathering on the ModPodge (that stuff dries pretty hard, pretty fast which is also why I decided to goop it on both the inside and outside of the slot to make sure things stayed put).

Now for the ribbon! (There was almost another disaster here but luckily I realized I needed to ribbon before assembly – phew)!

I ended up needing 2 spools of ribbon – 1 for the wrapping and 1 for the bow. I used double-sided tape to adhere the ribbon to the inside of the slot. Before I made any cuts I made sure the ribbon going up could go all the way around the boxes and half way under the bottom. Then I taped the second piece of ribbon on the inside and then

Ready for assembly – Take 2!

Here’s a tip: find your hot glue gun. I ModPodged all of the lids to their boxes and then ModPodged the boxes onto each other. I’m not sure how it will hold but I would be a lot more confident if I had taken the 10 minutes to unearth my glue gun in my office. Then again, I am a ModPodge novice for reals and my seemingly lazy crazy method may work.

I also double-side taped the ribbon on all flat surfaces including the lid of the biggest box. The ribbon sat quite nicely there. (Also, lazy girl that I am forgot to snap a photo before putting the second ribbon on, whoops!)

All of the above was completed on Sunday since I needed Jer to swing by JoAnn’s to get me more of that dang ribbon Monday after work (1. It’s on his way home, 2. He knows exactly where the ribbon section is and can beat me to this ribbon specifically every time thanks to the ridiculous amount of ribbon we used on our wedding invites which I will be discussing – hopefully in fewer words – here soon!) :)

Now, I really could get into that bow…but trust me…you don’t want me to start. It took me far longer and could be done much nicer by experience bow-ers (ironically, by Katie Bow-er herself once in a tutorial that was not working with my brain today for whatever reason – I’m blaming the wire-free ribbon). So I’m going to leave you up to your own devices on that one.


  • The paint WILL make your cardboard bubble. Don’t freak out. When the paint dries, the bubbles should miraculously disappear.
  • Use a really sharp razor blade. These boxes are thick and it will go much smoother for you if you’ve got a nice clean blade.
  • Sweetly ask your Hubby-To-Be to add the slot to the middle box before you ModPodge the bejeezum out of it. He’ll appreciate it, I promise. ;)
  • Find your hot glue gun before trying to assemble your boxes together! Hopefully you aren’t the wretched combination of lazy and impatient that I am.
  • Going along with the lazy/impatient point: find a good bow tutorial that works for you and your ribbon. You want to work together, not fight against each other!
  • Our box does NOT have an escape plan! We plan on either pulling it apart like savages or cutting the bottom open with our sharp razor blade. Did you get yours yet? ;)
  • Get creative! It’s the little details on this box that make my giddy as all get-up. For example, the tiny ribbon holding the bow together for dear life is left over ribbon from our wedding invitations and the map I chose for the front of the card box has my future last name on it! Awesome!


  • 3 Boxes: $17.97
  • ModPodge 16 oz: $9.99
  • 1.5 inch Ribbon: $7.58
  • Paint: FREE
  • 20% off entire purchase at JoAnn’s: -$7.11
  • TOTAL: $28.43 + tax

Whew! Done already!?

Seriously, I could’ve made two more in the time it took me to post this and a 4th in the time it took you to read it.

For that I apologize.

However, I do hope this inspires you to get creative and make those pins you’re pinning and maybe even makes you want to pin this (maybe).

Signing off before my fingers fall off – have a great day all!

PS All projects are in! Take a look and see what Katie, Sherry, Emily and Lana made!

PPS I’m totally going to butter up Jerry to see if we can chalkboard our hideous and unreplace-able fridge! Thanks for the inspiration, Lana!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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7 Responses to The Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition

  1. Jackie McKeating says:

    Way, cool! I love it.

  2. KJ and CO. says:

    Colour me impressed! You have some fabulous wedding DIYs. I’m so glad that I found you blog today. I’ll be following from now on.

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