Around the House: UPDATES

Jer and I had been working non-stop around the house to prep for our Wedding Shower (that I wasn’t supposed to know about but knew about since about 2 weeks after the invites went out – thanks, friends:))! Anywho, we hunkered down and did a lot of little projects around the house that desperately needed to get done as well as a few bonuses that I decided should get thrown in there.

We had a coworker of Jerry’s swing by one Thrusday afternoon and grind down the stump from the over 50′ pine tree that we had taken down last Fall. I wasn’t here to witness the glory but lucky for me, the Jer can operate our camera pretty well. :)

The first thing I tackled was a spray paint job of the frames in our dining room. They were looking too woody for me and I really wanted to see them white. A quick coat, some new card stock behind them and I was done…of course that meant a new arrangement for the freshly sprayed frames and Jer got right on that for me.

But then I decided we should do a little painting. And my “we” I mean “me” b/c the Jer-Bear doesn’t paint. I painted the stairwell, hallway, and dining room a lovely shade of tan (thanks to Katie Bower) called Dusty Trail by Olympic Paint.

One lazy Sunday morning (where we had lots planned for the rest of the day) I asked Jerry, “Don’t we have some extra 2x4s around here somewhere?” Whatever for, you might be asking yourself?

A few years ago, we decided it would be nice to have a bench in the dining room and just never got around to it. So that day, it began…

…and about a week later it was completed. (Don’t listen to Jerry when he tells you I thought we could finish it all that day. Totally not true). ;)

While I was painting, Jerry teased me that he could replace all the baseboard before the party. I bought it. A girl can dream, right? And the baseboard that was there was less than appealing with all of the old carpet stuck to it. Ick.

He managed to get the moulding up everywhere (hallway, bathroom, living room, dining room) and even got a threshold down at our screen door (that has been waiting for, oh, 5 years?) but was installing it right up to the Wedding Shower and didn’t have time to fill holes, paint or caulk it. :( Baby steps. I should mention here that the bathroom moulding did get filled and half got sanded and the first coat of paint applied. (I’m waiting for a bathroom reveal to show you any of that craziness).

While Jer was hammering away at the baseboards, I got up on a ladder to do some cutting in…another 5 year old project that was actually waiting for Crown Moulding but we didn’t have the cash or the time to install that, too.

The color on the right is a little more true to real life. It’s Posh Red by American Traditions. Yeah, it’s been that long since we’ve painted our living room.

I also took part in some, haven’t-seen-that-in-5-years deep cleaning. I even made a schedule to get me through an entire week of cleaing. Yeah…that didn’t happen. Luckily, when we have large parties, we have the most success leaving Quinn in his room my office for the duration of the shindig meaning I didn’t have to clean in there meaning I saved myself at least a day of cleaning. It’s not dirty just very unorganized and I’m the type of person that when I clean, everything is getting a serious organization, too. It’ll really slow you down. For reals.

Oh! I almost forgot, Jerry had the week off before the Shower which is when he was getting most of his to do list completed and one day when I came home from work, this was happening:

We actually have a functioning light fixture in our upstairs bathroom! Hooray! :)

It wasn’t as easy at it may seem. Jerry had to raise the light box (the old one was where the outlet is now) but when he got through the plaster, there was metal wire mesh and cloth wrapped conduit to deal with. Oui. He did an awesome job though, if I do say so myself. :)

We did a few more small projects, like move an armoire into the guest room and put the dinky TV cabinet that was in there in the basement to house our work out gear.

The armoire was in the garage when we bought the house. It’s solid wood so we decided to use it as a printing station for Jerry’s office for awhile but I didn’t like the way it looked in there after awhile. (It became a major junk collector). I like it much better in the guest room. The room needed an anchor piece of furniture besides the bed and I think this is helping. I still want to make a curtain of sorts for at least the bottom portion and I want to figure out some sort of storage arrangement so I don’t have to see those DVDs anymore. Is that weird? I am so not a fan of exposed DVD/CD storage.

The little cabinet in the basement (minus it’s pull out drawer on the bottom…I think that’s still in the closet upstairs, whoops!). Most of our work out gear is spread around the basement right now as we’re using them almost every other day.

Speaking of the basement, Jerry’s bar finally FINALLY left the living room and made it downstairs!!! I don’t think you can imagine how much joy this brought me.

I’ll have to do a post on the basement. I think it’s about time. However, I need to vent about a lot of things wedding so you’re going to have to listen to read that first. :) Love ya’s!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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