Garden Gnomes: May

“Where have I been?” you may be asking yourself (yes, all 3 of you). Well, long story short, I’ve been in the garden. With Jer-Bear. And most of the time Eddie, too…he likes to lay in the cold dirt.

In real life, the hard work comes first. Can I sign up for a Genie on our wedding registry? No? No?

This is the jungle I had to save my hostas from. We have these amazing, resilient hostas that are more mature than I am and they were being overshadowed by Ground-Elder (known to my Mother and I as King’s Foil, not sure why she calls it that) and Knotweed. Please, do the world a favor and NEVER purchase/plant these two awful, awful plants!

Anyway, I had a spot picked and ready for my hostas:

First I had to dig them up and comb through the roots for Knotweed roots (I most definitely do NOT want knotweed spreading around my yard for a complete take over). The entire process was tiring and messy so I didn’t get a picture in until I was done!

How’s that for a little magic?! I’m happy to report that I didn’t mess this up and the hostas are doing even better than when I snapped the next picture a few days after transplanting them (after Joanie-Liverwurst and I showed those trees who’s the boss:

It turns out I did get a more recent photo! Woohoo! I’m not as lazy as I thought! Note: I am still too lazy to take the above photo out of this post.

I also managed to snap a few shots of the new arborvitae placement:

So what if 2 of them are now brown and dying? That means 9 are still going strong! I’ll take 9 over 2 any day!

***I would like to interrupt this post to ask you to please pray for my trees. To give you some scope, the fence behind those trees is 6′ tall and we have some crazy wind storms here in Rochester. What does that mean? The following scene has happened 3 times:

Can you see that 3 trees have fallen down? Can you see that mad lean on the trees to the left? Can you see me taking pictures and not helping Jerry? This has got to stop!***

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

The crazy rainstorms have caused some amazing bloomage in the front yard which was manhandled last Spring and Fall and looks amazing now…if I do say so myself:

I’m really starting to enjoy the looks I get from my neighbors and passers by. ;)

I even had some time in the front to start an herb garden by our main entrance!

We have Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Mint, Basil and Boxwood. Okay, okay. The Boxwood isn’t an herb but it’s serving a very good purpose here: camouflage!

…and I haven’t decided how I want to shape it. OR…I’m being lazy again. You decide. Also, don’t mind the $10 hose from target – it is AW to the FUL. Awful.

This is a long freaking post.

SO! Moving back to the backyard…on the same rainy day I planted our herb garden, I put together this little window box with picks made by JL (that’s what we’re calling Joanie Liverwurst from now on b/c it’s really getting too long to type out):

Don’t mind the dead climbing rose bush stems. That’s just something my neighbor gave to me that he promised I couldn’t kill. Mario, you are a liar. All I’m saying.

I did, however, get Jerry to save 2 rose bushes that were being crushed by the arborvitaes before he began the massacre of the fence garden:

Yeah…they’re pretty sad. And don’t mention my drainage rock – I get enough crap from JL about that. We have serious issues with a damp basement, k? On the lighter side, the first bush has a bud! I can’t wait to see it bloom. :)

Leaving you with those pathetic excuses for rose bushes, I’m signing off. Do any gardening at your place this Spring?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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3 Responses to Garden Gnomes: May

  1. briarrose says:

    I feel a sudden need to tackle some yard work…..I have been super lazy this season. The wisteria might get the idea it’s winning our ongoing battle for yard dominance. ;)

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