Summer Wardrobe: Killer Steals

I know I’m supposed to be updating you on the color of my skin but I had such an amazing day of steals that I absolutely have to share them with you!

Let us begin!

A few weeks ago I was burning a million calories an hour when I met up with my Mom, Joan, and sister, Sarah, at the Carousel Center in Syracuse where we stomped some serious pavement, er, tile. Anyway, we ran into Banana Republic (which I love, love, love but can rarely afford) where I jokingly tried on this:

Mom and Sarah reacted much more fairly than I imagined they would. You see, I have a large head and hats mostly look ridiculous and small on me. After a quick glance in the mirror, I needed the hat. I can’t exactly rationalize $35 for a hat when I’m hoarding away all my cash for a wee wedding in October so I put it down and walked away. (Did I mention the hat was a S/M? I don’t think I did. I need to mention that b/c I was in SHOCK! Like I said, large head).

As we left, the nicest sales girl in the world handed me a coupon for 35% off if I came in on any of the rest of the Thursdays in April. Long story short (this is actually already quite long), I went tonight after work and EVERYTHING in the store is 40% off until Saturday! Woohoo! My procrastination paid off and I saved an extra 5% (roughly $1.75 but still)…I am so happy and in love with my new hat. :)

Then I headed over to the fine establishment many know as Sephora. Um…that’s what I know it as, too. Just trying to sound fancy, k? And even though it is 2 weeks and a day past my birthday, they still handed me this:

Woohoo!! You see, as a card carrying member of the Sephora Fan Club, I mean, “beauty insider,” you get a free gift on your birthday but you have to make it in 2 weeks before or after your birthday and, as I said, today was 2 weeks and a day (I’m really too lazy to be asked to go to the mall twice in 1 week. Not gonna happen. Plus I can’t stand the crowds).

When I got home, my amazingly handsome brainiac of a fiance reminded me I have a “Secret Reward” card from VS. Oh, how I love him. I could have $10, $50, $100 or $500 on this card so just in case you can only type it in once (I’m really a very nervous person) I loaded my cart with $500+ worth of goodies. I figured I would only get the $10 as I have the luck of the Irish on my side but that’s $10 more than I was starting with and a decent amount to take off of a new bra BUT!

It was for $100! Woohoo!!!

So I got these:

…and a bra. Which is between me, my shirt, and the Jer-Bear. ;)

I’ve never ordered clothing from Victoria’s Secret so we’ll see how that goes and, yes, I realize the sweater is a little late in the game but I’ve wanted it for quite some time now so I’m sure I’ll love it when the weather begins to chill again…in a month.

Also, I’m trying not to think about the bikini…it’s making me sweat in a bad way. I was feeling awfully ambitious 30 minutes ago when I ordered it. I haven’t worn a legit 2-piece since the 2nd grade when visiting my Dad for the Summer in Texas. We’ll also have to see how that goes.

I ended up spending just under $60 at VS b/c they have another promotion going on where if you spend $150 you can get $30 off. So I wanted to hit the $150 mark (I got to $165-ish) then the $30 off got it to $130, then the $100 off brought it down to $30 and then shipping, handling and tax brought it back up to $60. Poo. :(

Whatevs! Happy Birthday to ME! :)

(Even though my big sister Sarah’s Birthday is in 2 days and mine is 2 weeks and a day past – HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!) :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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