Jerry’s Man Cave

As I was bugging Jerry last night in his Man Cave, it dawned on me that I haven’t yet revealed Jerry’s birthday present painting to you! *GASP* The horror! It was nearly 2 months ago! (Not to mention my overall lack of posting…I am a bad blogger and I have never denied it).

There was a reason the delay happened, though. It was called the closet:

Gave me so much grief. And it’s still not done. I’ll explain that in a little bit.

How about a quick before?

And After:

Oh, wait…that’s wrong…

BAAAHahahah! This is what it looked like before I staged it and pretty much how it looks the other 364 days of the year that I don’t stage it for photos. No big deal. It’s called the “Man Cave” for a reason – I can blame the messiness on Mr. B. ;)

The room is as done as it’s going to be for awhile and it is so much more cozy up there with the new “Rested” color on the wall.

You may be wondering how it all fits together…maybe not…but I’m going to show you anyway. It fits together kinda like this:

And this:

PLEASE don’t get me started on those wires. For the love of my future marriage, please.

We’re currently missing a big ol’ rug in the room to pull everything together but that’s on hold thanks to a little thing called our wedding. It is consuming our budget faster than I do a bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese.

You may now be wondering where the closet is? It’s here:

OMG! I can see the floor!

A closer look at the goods that made the cut:

Yes, I did paint the inside of the closet and yes, I clearly need to finish peeling the wallpaper. The closet also needs shelving on the right wall and a new light fixture would be rad (the one that’s in there now gives me the heeby geebies).

We added quite a bit of art to the walls – for us. Jerry’s Man Cave is now the room where you’ll find the most art:

3 homemade pieces or art (the 2 in white frames and the clock Jerry took apart and put back together so it would be more “Boylesque”), the photo is of me and JB in front of our first (and only) apartment, the mirror was under $5 and I couldn’t resist the Man Cave sign found here. :)

The Seattle poster we got at the Public Market in…SEATTLE! Surprised, right? ;) Jer’s brother lives out there and I am dreaming of our next adventure out West. The photo is another old one of we folk from about our 1 year mark (we’ll be just shy of 9 come wedding time for those interested). I’d also like to add more art down the road but, like I said: wedding, wedding, wedding!

Oh yeah! In the very first “After” photo you’ll see a fun print that is Jerry’s absolute favorite. (Imps & Monsters, Page 4, The Family that Slays Together) Wonder why. ;)

My favorite thing about Jerry’s Man Cave is his desk. It’s an antique teacher’s desk (complete with built in filing cabinet drawers and pull out writing boards) that’s SOLID wood. It only cost $20 and when you break that down by weight, it cost us less than 7¢ a lb! If you’re too lazy to do that math, it weighed like 300 lbs. No kidding. Took us a lifetime to get it upstairs, too.

I was stuck in the stairwell for a month. Good thing there’s a bathroom upstairs! (PS This photo is me plus about 20 lbs so take it easy on me, k?)

Love ya’s!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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