Anti-Clothes Horse

Lately I’ve been really lazy. Like, embarrassingly lazy. As in, “Please don’t enter my bedroom b/c there are stacks of clothes everywhere – some are dirty, some are clean, some are folded, some are bursting out of the clean clothes hamper b/c I can’t bring myself to fold them,” lazy.

However, it made me realize which clothes I simply do not need anymore.

That’s right. I went so long without putting my clean clothes away that I could see plain as day that the items hanging in my closet were the ones I hadn’t worn in, well, let’s call it a month. ;)

No, I didn’t pick the wallpaper. Yes, that is a tag on the top shirt in the front (there are more where that came from), yes, that is still a pile I haven’t put away on top of my dresser, yes, the pile extends to the right further under the window that has a 1×1 attached to it year round for the convenience of our air conditioner in the 2 months Rochesterians call Summer, yes, there are several pairs of shoes underneath all of those clothes and yes…I own a rock light. Get over it.

Since those clothes are being donated and what I was left with was probably only a couple weeks worth of clothes (I am a serial clothing rotator – if I love it, I’ll find a way to wear it every week), I decided that it may be time for me to freshen up my wardrobe.

Jerry let me drag him around the outlets to score some serious deals. (He’s actually been trying to get me to buy new clothes as a reward to myself since my weight loss last year – sorry, ladies, he is all mine). :)

Half a day and a dozen stores later (I only ended up making purchases at 5 stores) I snagged 3 tank tops, 2 shirts, 3 sweaters, a cardigan, 2 pairs of work pants, a pair of shorts, a peacoat, a pair of flats, 6 necklaces (hello, bridesmaids – plus, uh, me) and a $15 IZOD raincoat for the man (originally $95, it was the buy of the day)! Total < $200

I couldn’t believe it either.

I fully intended on sharing photos of them all but since they were outlet buys they’re not online and now it’s getting late and like I said earlier…I’m lazy. ;) Maybe someday I’ll do a personal photo shoot and share my finds.

Snatch up any good deals lately?

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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3 Responses to Anti-Clothes Horse

  1. I have way way too many clothes. I hate it when I never wear a brand new shirt and give it away with the tags on! Alas, it definitely happens more than I like to admit.

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